8 Beauty Products That Will Help You Look Stunning on a Budget

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Women spend almost a quarter of a million dollars on their beauty per lifetime. Well, yeah, some of the products you need to look your best are... quite pricey, to put it mildly. From facials to manicures, there are lots of treatments that are ready to target your wallet. But sometimes, all it takes is to spend a few minutes online looking for products that can easily replace expensive salon treatments and are budget-friendly.

Here at Bright Side, we gathered affordable yet effective beauty products that can help you look gorgeous without breaking the bank.

1. Winter is just around the corner, so it’s high time to think about how you’re gonna take care of sensitive areas. A shea butter hand cream will save even extremely dry hands. This award-winning tube will absorb rapidly and leave your skin soft and smooth without feeling oily.

This cream has been an iconic L’Occitane product for about 15 years and has received a lot of awards. They say that one tube is sold somewhere around the world every 3 seconds! Who knows, maybe the following 3 seconds are meant for you?

Happy buyer’s review: I have used this for many years. Every now and then I try something else but always return to this hand cream. It never ever disappoints @Gasface Gordon

Get this hand cream from Amazon HERE.

2. A detangling hairbrush that’ll help you fight the knots in seconds with no effort and pain. It’s suitable for all hair types and can be used on both wet and dry hair. PLUS, it can be used as a massager to enhance blood circulation and improve your hair growth. We bet that Rapunzel had her own secrets, and this brush is one of them.


1. Attach the detachable control strip to the brush.

2. Choose the width of the comb’s teeth according to the type of hair you have:

  • The first line can be used for short or thin hair.
  • The second line can be used for long or curly, thick hair.

3. Brush your hair in a vertical position starting from your ends.

When ordering this set, you’ll get one detangling brush, one wide-toothed hair comb, one control bar, and one gift box.

Happy buyer’s review: I was never so impressed with something as I am with this brush. No hair is broken and you can use it on dry or wet hair. It’s easy to use and it can be used on thick or thin hair. It can be used even when you are coloring your hair. It’s so easy to clean it after. 10 out of 10 @CosminaMC

Get this hair brush from Amazon HERE.

3. If you are trying to protect yourself from the sun for some very obvious reasons like premature wrinkles, aging, loss of skin elasticity, sunburns, and even cancer, but still don’t wanna look like a Snow White, this tanning mitt set is your life-saver. It even comes with an exfoliation glove to remove dead and dry particles and ensure a perfectly smooth application without streaks.

Apart from the exfoliating glove, the set includes:

  • 1 mitt for tan application over your body
  • 1 mini mitt for your face
  • 1 applicator for your back

The set is made of waterproof materials which prevents lotion leaks.

Happy buyer’s review: Love this. I’ve been fake tanning for years and have used the mitts that you get in shops, but this is so much better. The material is a soft velvet that makes applying the tanning lotion much quicker, and there is a barrier inside the gloves so it doesn’t get on your hands. The back applicator is fab — best back self-tan I’ve had in ages! @Jill T

Get this mitt set from Amazon HERE.

4. Kid’s makeup kit that will give you some precious mother-daughter time. If your kiddo always pretends to put on make-up just like mommy does, this case will definitely brighten her day. You can also use it for those “little women” parties to add more fun and curiosity to any celebration. All the materials used are child-safe and easy to wash off with just water or soapy water.

When our sweet lil’ pumpkins are 19–24 months old, they start imitating their parents’ behavior. They do this out of curiosity as they’re new to the world and have to try a lot of things. They may not understand all the things yet but they have that drive to learn by simply copying the behavior of significant people.

They also do this so they are equal to each other and feel like a part of a social group. That’s why it’s important to not stop them from discovering this world but to encourage them to do it in a safe environment.

Happy buyer’s review: I got this makeup kit for my daughter’s 6th birthday. She absolutely loves it. The eye shadows and blushes are very pigmented but super easy to wash off or just wipe off with a wet baby wipe. It is a very nice gift for little girls to play with without it staining or being hard to wash off their skin. Nice little kit for younger girls. Well worth the money! Highly recommend! @Claudine

Get this kids’ makeup set from Amazon HERE.

5. A styling foam that is step one on your quest for fuller-looking hair. It’s a professional product for thinning strands. Its life goal is to protect your hair density and increase hair diameter.


  • Apply the foam on damp or towel-dried hair.
  • Blow dry for volume.

Enjoy your manes!

Answer 3 questions:

  • Does your hair feel fine, limp, or flat?
  • Does your hair or scalp feel too oily by end of the day?
  • Do you find considerably more hair in the shower drain, in your hairbrush, or on your bathroom floor?

These are the signs of hair loss. If you answered yes to all of the questions, it’s probably better to see a doctor.

Happy buyer’s review: I luv this product. It really makes me feel like I have more hair. I really notice a difference when I don’t use it. @Jacqui Layton

Get this styling foam from Amazon HERE.

6. A head wrap that allows you to dry your hair faster and safely without using the damaging heat from blowdryers. It’s made of high-quality absorbent microfiber that can absorb up to 70% of the wetness in no time. It comes together with a shower cap that can be used to keep your hairstyle dry and neat when you’re in the bath, sleeping, or dressing.

While drying your hair with an ordinary towel may cause it to experience major frizzing and even splitting, microfiber towels provide a lux treatment for your strands. As it doesn’t create any friction or strain. PLUS, microfiber towels also last longer, which is great news for your budget.

Happy buyer’s review: The towel is thick and soft, nice color. The edging is a bit strange but not a problem. A shame the shower cap doesn’t match, but both products fit well and seem well made. @Steveswife

Get this head wrap from Amazon HERE.

7. A cotton swab dispenser to keep your cotton buds within reach and fix your makeup anytime. It’s totally transparent so you can see clearly what to grab and avoid wasting time searching for a swab inside. It’s waterproof and moisture-proof and will keep your stuff clean and dry. The good news is that its style will fit any interior.

It’s better to stay away from cleaning your ears with cotton buds. Apart from swabs, doctors have seen patients use hairpins, tweezers, pens, and even straws in order to clean their ears. None of these tools are effective, though, and cotton swabs, especially, can do more harm than good. They might give you a sense of satisfaction and cleanliness, but in reality, it is a false feeling. They may damage your ears, cause infections, and push the earwax even deeper inside.

Happy buyer’s review: This is brilliant for keeping your cotton buds tidy and easy to use @sheila atkinson

Get this swab dispenser from Amazon HERE.

8. Sheet mask collection that’ll give your skin a quick boost. It’s suitable for any skin type (yep, sensitive skin included). All you need to do is clean your face, apply the necessary mask, and remove it in 5 minutes to glow up.

This collection includes 4 masks for different purposes:

  • 2 anti-fatigue masks that will brighten and re-energize your skin
  • A detox mask to rebalance and restore skin
  • A firming mask to leave your skin looking smooth and plump

Happy buyer’s review: While a little expensive, this is a good set of 4 top-quality masks that really work and are gentle on the skin. Each mask has plenty of serum, is really easy to apply, and requires far less time than pretty much any other mask you’re going to try. They smell great and each mask offers different benefits, so whatever your skin is feeling, there’s a mask for it.
On top of the physical benefits, the serums have high-quality vegan ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging. @Bookends & Bagends

Get this mask collection from Amazon HERE.

What are some beauty products you cannot live without?

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