16 People Who Proved That Family Life Is Nothing but a Bunch of Giggles

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2 years ago

When we’re gathered with family, uncontrollable waves of laughter will likely come our way at any moment. After all, the people closest to us know the exact ways to tickle our funny bone, and they are ready to do it at any cost — even if it pushes our buttons or goes too far. This is all because being in our comfort zone with family means that we can dare to do anything, and the reaction we’ll get will always be priceless.

Bright Side believes that at home, the real comedy show is anywhere but on TV. Here are some hilarious situations that prove no one can make us laugh louder than the people we’re closest to.

1. ’’My son’s ’poop face’’’

2. ’’My wife didn’t want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place.’’

3. ’’My little sister has seen some things.’’

4. ’’I angrily asked my husband why he didn’t sleep in bed. He sends me this.’’

5. ’’My uncle found a Halloween costume of himself.’’

6. ’’After the great family portrait debacle of 1994, we no longer attempt group family photos.’’

7. ’’My sister put a level on her head and said, ’It helps me think straight.’"

8. ’’Stole my daughter’s hair extensions.’’

9. ’’So my aunt and uncle got divorced.’’

10. ’’My sister was trying to capture a cute memory of my cousin’s daughter. I accidentally ruined it.’’

11. ’’My sister was nagging me to do it.’’

12. ’’My sister asked my 6’5″ nephew to bring in the groceries.’’

13. ’’My parents took away my sister’s phone. They’ve uploaded about 10 of these to her Facebook.’’

14. ’’My brother is prepared for his Skype interview.’’

15. ’’My dad used to take some of the best pictures of me as a kid.’’

16. ’’When my husband finds my hair extensions’’

Do you enjoy pulling pranks on your family members? Share a hilarious situation that a relative has put you in!

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