19 Pics Proving That Family Brings You the Best Memories

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2 years ago

Families can come in all shapes and sizes. Some have pranksters’ souls and others get bored easily, but most often, people are willing to go the extra mile for those they love. Photos are one of the best ways to keep them close, as they remind us of the most precious moments. And sharing memories can be just as important in children’s psychological development as they are at protecting the memories of elders.

We at Bright Side collected some tender memories (even if they’re sometimes eccentric) to share some moments of real affection.

1. “That day when my daughter came with me to shovel the snow”

2. “Took my daughter ice skating for the first time — she wanted me to wear a matching outfit with her.”

3. “Best Christmas family tradition ever, 11 years, and I finally gifted it back to my uncle.”

4. “My brother’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Halloween costume, 1995”

5. “When my kids are over on Sundays, we only play vinyl and the kids pick their own albums. These were their choices today.”

6. “Found this pic of my dad and me, blew it up, and put it on canvas for his birthday.”

7. “Lately, our daughter only falls asleep for the night if we sing karaoke to her.”

8. “Daddy’s girl”

9. “My mom has always wanted to go to college, and yesterday, at age 65, was her first day. My dad made her a sign.”

10. “It’s been just my son and me for years. Every Christmas, we take an intentionally awkward family Christmas photo.”

11. “My daughter, where’s the rest of her?! Oh, I see, do you?”

12. “My favorite photo of my dad and me, and yes, he wore an Elvis tie to my wedding.”

13. “My daughters wanted a serious face portrait (it’s a family thing), and I think I’ve started a crime family.”

14. “My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room. I rushed in to find this.”

15. “They’re thrilled with our vacation.”

16. “Here’s my dad and me as Miles Morales and Jefferson Davis.”

17. “My son’s sad attempt at getting me to love him”

18. “Had no idea my wife was part dog.”

19. “Dropped my daughter off at kindergarten today. This photo made her pretty emotional.”

BONUS: “Sometimes a family is a girl and her 10 Lemongrabs (all made by me)!”

When was the last time you gathered with your family to share some memories or to play a prank? Do you usually take photos when your loved ones are around? You’re invited to share the magic with us!

Preview photo credit flipping_birds / Reddit


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