15 Animals That Can Blend Into Their Surroundings Like Agents 007

3 years ago

Octopuses absorb colors to help them blend in with their environment, while some mammals have fur that reflects light to keep their prey from seeing them approach. Pets, on the other hand, like to snuggle between sheets and pillows or stick themselves in a corner to get some peace. Whether it be to hide or to hunt, these animals are experts in camouflage and disguise.

We at Bright Side want to brighten up your day with this feed of animals who are no strangers to being masters of disguise. Try to see if you can find all of them!

1. The disappearing carpet cat

2. The tree bark just moved!

3. Did that leaf just croak?

4. Coral that breathes and has gills

5. I can’t find my cat!

6. Who knew snow could be so puffy?

7. This dog is a champion of hide and seek.

8. I-spy a pufferfish!

9. A nap gone unnoticed

10. She just blended in with all the fluff.

11. We could stare at these spots for days.

12. The 3 musketeers

13. Do you see the seahorse?

14. Soaking up the sun

15. Can you find all 8 legs?

There are actually 17 animals in this article. How many were you able to find?

Preview photo credit -rico / Reddit


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I actually had no idea what a seahorse looks like.. like the color at least.. and well I don't think they are all white with red dots :D


Most of these animals are supposed to be hard to find.. it's so they stay safe :)


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