15+ Bold Girls Decided to Recreate Famous Celebrities’ Makeup, and It Was Definitely Worth It

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Makeup plays a big role in our lives. For some, it’s a daily routine they have to do, while for others, it’s a way to make their lives more interesting and improve their mood. Anyone can be a source of inspiration, from Megan Fox to David Bowie.

We at Bright Side wanted to find out where women got the inspiration for their looks. We’ve searched the entire Internet, looking for photos of users who were inspired to do their makeup like different celebrities.

“Hello there, this makeup look was inspired by the beautiful Megan Fox, very Hollywood glam. I absolutely love the way her makeup is done, most of the time she will have very soft eye makeup and a red bitten lip.”

“Makeup inspired by Marilyn Monroe”

“Was told that I gave off Twiggy vibes and should do a ’60s mod look. And I LOVED the idea. Here’s my Twiggy inspired/’60s mod look.”

“I loved this glam on Dua Lipa, so I tried to recreate it!”

“An Alexa Demie-inspired makeup look”

“A Euphoria-inspired makeup job”

“Did a cozy Bowie-inspired graphic liner!”

“A Bella Poarch-inspired look — I’m so obsessed with this!”

“Decided to try out a holiday glam look inspired by Tammi Clarke’s latest YouTube video.”

“I did a makeup look inspired by Chung Ha’s new music video!”

“Some days, you need to take that blue eyeshadow a step or 10 too far. A Kali Uchis-inspired look!”

“Thought you guys might appreciate my ’80s Boy George-inspired makeup for an online college assessment.”

“Harley Quinn-inspired makeup”

“Inspired by Naomi Smalls”

“My Kerry Washington-inspired look — your thoughts?”

“Bold blush inspired by Lili Reinhart’s 2019 Met Gala look”

What do you draw inspiration from while doing your makeup?

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Please note: This article was updated in August 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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