15 Celebrities Who Rocked Both Long and Short Hair and We Can’t Decide Which Style Suits Them Better

2 years ago

We often make drastic hair changes when we feel emotional and have a lot on our plate. Or sometimes just because we want to see how a different look will suit us. But celebrities change their hairstyles even more frequently for many other reasons and we can’t help but notice that no matter what type of hair they have, short or long, they can always pull it off.

Bright Side made a compilation of photos to show how celebrities look with short and long hair. And maybe it will inspire you to change your hairstyle.

1. Justin Baldoni

2. Zooey Deschanel

3. Tom Cruise

4. Kirsten Dunst

5. Harry Styles

6. Charlize Theron

7. Jake Gyllenhaal

8. Natalie Portman

9. George Clooney

10. Rihanna

11. Joaquin Phoenix

12. Orlando Bloom

13. Mandy Moore

14. Josh Holloway

15. Ashton Kutcher

Which style do you prefer more on these celebrities? How often do you change your hairstyle and why?


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