15+ Celebrity Childhood Pics That Made Us Want to Flip Through Our Family Albums

2 years ago

Nothing compares to that sweet feeling of nostalgia you get when you see your childhood photos. Just like many of us, celebrities like flipping through their family albums and often show us their childhood pics. Of course, these famous men and women changed a lot over the decades, but we can still recognize them in these cute kids.

We at Bright Side came across these childhood photos of our favorite celebrities, and now we can’t wait to look through our own childhood albums and walk down memory lane.

Emily Ratajkowski

Kim Kardashian

Miley Cyrus

Taylor Lautner

Kylie Jenner

Anne Hathaway

Lily Collins

Nicki Minaj

Katie Holmes

Gigi Hadid

Reese Witherspoon

Rumer Willis

Diane Kruger

Jessica Alba

Paris Hilton

Jessica Simpson

Lena Dunham

What is your favorite childhood photo of yourself? Can you show it to us in the comments?


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