15+ Designs That Serve the Complete Opposite Purpose

year ago

Our creativity can occasionally go too far to the point where it becomes doubtful. Despite the confusion, it’s possible that the error was simply made by us. After all, every epic fail moment is an opportunity for humor.

1. Glitter on toilet paper — not ideal but looks pretty.

2. For having a meal on the way to the office...

3. “My dog ripped open her toy shark and the squeaker inside is a foot.”

4. “You’re supposed to sit on its nose.”

5. “Tie-dye socks that look like someone used them as toilet paper”

6. “When you need to turn on your AC, you’ll have to open your cabinets.”

7. A combination of a sushi train and a boat sailing on air

8. A mouse pad as the carpet for the bathroom

9. Even a milk carton is hard to open, and it’s supposed to be the easy kind.

10. A seat where you have a little obstacle course to complete

11. “This glass bottle in a vending machine”

12. “This trash can in our local park looks like R2-D2.”

13. “A subtle imprint left from the cup lid on my full cream chocolate shake!”

14. “A bowling ball without holes”

15. An outlet located near the stove might cause an accident and can’t be used.

16. “This is my only plug cord, great.”

17. A pocket is placed in reverse, so maybe it’s for show.

18. “I hope no one ever has to call 999 from this phone.”

19. “My mom bought a strawberry-scented minion shampoo for my little brother.”

20. One half is meant for walking and the other is meant for sitting and chilling out.

21. “My infant whale tub looks like it’s seen a few things.”

Do you own any designs that you think serve a different purpose compared to what they’re supposed to do? Share your unforgettable experiences with these in the comment section.


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