15 Famous Celebrities Shared Their Unrecognizable Headshots to Baffle You

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We all have those awkward pics in our treasure of memories that we don’t want anyone else to see. If you’re a celebrity, it’s even more embarrassing, but these A-listers changed this perception and are letting the world know how to rock their vintage look by putting up their old pics using an Instagram hashtag #oldheadshotday.

Bright Side has found these terribly lovely, old headshots of celebrities. Hopefully, more celebs will catch on to this trend and amaze us with their surprising headshots.

15. Emma Watson

“I am really glad this picture of me wearing a baker’s hat exists.” Such a cutie.

14. Reese Witherspoon

“12-year-old confidence.”

13. Matt Damon

Ben Affleck posted this on behalf of Matt Damon.

12. Ryan Reynolds

“I used to style my hair with a blowtorch.”

11. Misha Collins

“I am happy to report that I have finally grown into that shirt.”

10. Melissa McCarthy

“If you can’t handle my scowling headshot you don’t deserve my tiny cowboy hat headshot.”

9. Kate Walsh

“It’s just me, Circa 1998, leaning longingly in a doorway, parted, eyes saying ‘please hire me so I can stop waitressing.’ ”

8. Warwick Davis

“This photo was taken when I was 18, I am surprised I was ever offered any more work.”

7. Sofia Vergara

She has always been this pretty.

6. Mark Hamill

Such a cute smile he has.

5. Ben Stiller

“Special skills: juggling, scuba diving, tap dancing, and drums. Commercials on request.”

4. Natalie Portman

Isn’t she adorable? “Baby me.”

3. Kristen Bell


“Better late than never.”

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt ‏

Such a handsome boy.

1. Chris Pratt

“The name’s Douchemaster McChest and this is my first headshot.”

Please share with us if you also have any cool celeb headshots. We’ll make another list with your pics.


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