15 Husbands Whose Wives Definitely Don’t Regret Saying “I Do”

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2 years ago

Every marriage has its ups and downs, therefore it’s really important to keep the good moments in your memory. The heroines of today’s article decided to share stories online about what cool husbands they have: they give them flowers and never let them down. There are also photos taken by their husbands who got into this article for their strength and wit.

At Bright Side, we believe that care and support are really important. That is why these husbands definitely deserve to be written about.

1. “My wife got up at 2 a.m. this morning to hike a mountain. She’s on her way home right now and probably thinks she’s going to take care of the kids. This is what I have waiting for her instead.”

2. “Today is my birthday and my husband wrote me a book.”

3. “My wife just finished her sixth and final round of chemo today. We both got into F1 at the beginning of this journey, so I surprised her with a celebration fit for a GP champion!”

4. “Ah, well, I had fun and my wife didn’t have to put up with my complaints while she shopped.”

5. “I went for a pedicure with my wife. She said to get a color. I told the woman to surprise me.”

6. “Day 3 of migraine and still working, so my husband surprised with me some flowers. The little things matter.”

7. “My husband made a ring out of parking tokens from the day each of our kids were born.”

8. “My hands have been so shaky lately that my sweet husband of 24 years helped me do my nails tonight.”

9. “I cleaned out my husband’s closet this weekend and found the note he had kept in his wallet for more than a decade containing the ingredients to my favorite Friendly’s sundae.”

10. “I’m just making some cupcakes for the wife to show her that I love her.”

11. “I have been sending handwritten letters to my wife for almost 3 years. For our fifth wedding anniversary, I built my wife a sour cherry custom box to store her letters in. I love her so much, I wish I could do stuff like this for her every day.”

12. “The wife is pregnant and I’ve officially switched into overdrive to help out. My son needed glue today, I had to work in 30 minutes, ran to the store, no glue! Ran home, looked up a recipe, and made homemade glue.”

13. “My husband stops by our local grocery store every Friday to get roses for me. The managers noticed so when he went today they were excited to show him that they hid all the roses behind the counter until he got there so he could have first choice.”

14. “I asked for a desk for my birthday so that I could sew and do the bookkeeping at it. My husband did this.”

15. “My husband made me sushi on our third year anniversary.”

What little things that were made by your spouse do you remember the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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I once had a boyfriend give me a Chocolate coated Teapot.....NO SERIOUSLY HE GOT A REAL TEAPOT AND CHOCOLATE COATED IT. I HAD TO TAKE A PIC BC NO ONE BELIEVED ME...LOL And no we didn't stay together.


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