15 Interesting Discoveries That Are Begging to Be Made Into a Book

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Life is like a magician’s box. You never know where you’re gonna find a surprise. Sometimes even a simple shadow can astonish you with its funny shape. We’ve gathered 15 pics for you that prove the most important thing is to be attentive and keep your camera on.

1. “Someone knitted a sweater for their car’s emblem.”

2. “My mug shattered by itself inside of the cabinet.”

3. “The way the red light disperses through my cat’s white fur vs its black fur.”

4. “Guess I should probably turn the activity feature off for a few months.”

5. “Saw this ham that looked like a cross-section of a human head.”

6. “The frozen windows on my plane made it look like we were flying through a nebula.”

7. “Got a 13-year-old sticker on my McDonald’s pie.”

8. “Ate oysters today and found a super tiny pearl.”

9. “A 70-year-old pencil that we still use at work.”

10. “My fingers turn ghostly pale sometimes.”

11. “Well... Dish soap is not meant for the dishwasher I guess.”

12. “This mushroom kit growing on the store shelf”

13. “This phenomenon where the ‘seeds’ turn into green shoots all over the surface of a strawberry is called vivipary.”

14. “This leaf my friend found at our school campus”

15. “Found my slimmer alter ego on the bus stop commercial.”

Preview photo credit Cyndakon2 / Reddit


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