15 Kitchen Hacks That Would Even Make Gordon Ramsay Proud

3 years ago

Time-consuming and messy cooking can be a thing of the past if you add a little enthusiasm and imagination to it. Well, the easier the better. Peeling veggies, ripening avocados in no time, or grilling like a pro — all of these can be achieved with minimal effort by just performing a couple of clever tricks.

Bright Side loves adding a little twist to our cooking process, and we are ready to lift the curtain on this exciting world of cooking for you too. Make sure you save all of these tips!

1. Peel tomatoes the fast and easy way.

The most popular way to peel tomatoes is to put them in hot water for a couple of seconds. However, there is an even faster way to do this — simply pick up a tomato on a fork and hold it over a hot burner. Make sure you hold it about 10 cm above the flame.

2. Protect your hands while cutting hot peppers.

Instead of using gloves while cutting hot peppers, you can use a more eco-friendly option — vegetable or olive oil. Before the process, pour a teaspoon of it on your hands and rub it in. The oil will create a thick barrier so the pepper won’t damage your skin.

3. Use lettuce leaves to preserve your avocados.

Lettuce leaves can be used as an eco-friendly wrap. An open avocado can just be wrapped in one and can stay in the fridge for up to one week, retaining its freshness and moisture.

4. Squeeze apple juice with minimal mess.

You can still enjoy fresh apple juice even if you don’t own a juicer. All you have to do is to put an apple in the freezer and leave it until it fully freezes. After this, take it out and let it melt completely. Now you can take a glass and simply squeeze it with your hand to get apple juice.

5. Use essential oils while cutting onions.

Some essential oils can prevent you from crying while preparing onions. You can add clove essential oil to a bowl with warm water and put it next to your cutting board. If you have a diffuser, you can also use a few drops of citrus essential oil and place it next to the cutting board.

6. Quick chicken kebabs, with skewers

Prepare the necessary amount of chicken breasts by adding your favorite spices and salt, then cut the breasts in half lengthwise. After this, place them on a cutting board and carefully pierce them with wooden skewers through their sides. The last step is to cut them in between the skewers and kebabs to make the meat cubes!

7. Use baking rings while grilling kebabs.

If you decide to use a grill for preparing your kebabs, the less mess the better. Just putting them on top of the baking rings can save a lot of time and clean up afterward.

8. Use a mixer for shredding meat.

A mixer can help to shred almost any type of cooked meat — chicken, turkey, pork, or beef. Use the mixer on a low speed for about 2 minutes, and then it’s ready to be added to your favorite dish.

9. Chop herbs even faster using a pizza cutter.

A pizza cutter wheel turns quickly in both directions which adds a great flexibility to the process. This makes it great for easily cutting small products like green onions. Just roll it back and forth and chop as finely as you need to.

10. Use a Ziploc bag for preparing garlic.

Peeling and cutting garlic every time before cooking can be time-consuming and pretty messy. You can solve this by simply preparing a Ziploc bag full of finely chopped garlic. Then flatten it down, divide into sections, and freeze it. While cooking, you can just break off a square and add it into the process.

11. Reuse soy sauce containers.

There is no need to throw away a soy sauce container after the sauce is finished. Instead, you can pour some olive oil in it and use it for drizzling your salads.

12. Make your burger patty juicy.

Sometimes it can happen that your meat gets dry after getting grilled. To prevent this from happening you will need a simple ice cube. Put it on top of the cutlet and let it melt. Then simply flip it over and cook as usual.

13. Make your grill “non-stick” with a potato.

A simple potato can prevent meat and fish from sticking to your grill and save you time when cleaning up. Cut a potato in half and simply rub the grill lattice with it. The potato starch will create a barrier that will even help you cook delicate meat like salmon.

14. Peel garlic without a knife.

You will just need a bowl, some warm water, and a head of garlic. Pour water in the bowl, place the garlic there, and leave it for about 5 minutes. Then it’s ready to get peeled — its skin should slide off right away. Moreover, there will be almost no mess!

15. Use flour to rapidly ripen avocados.

You can speed up the process of ripening avocados by burying them in flour. It will promote ethylene emissions in the avocado and absorb excess moisture. After the process, you will have a perfectly ripe and delicious avocado.

Do you have cooking tips of your own? What are they? Let’s share some more of our experiences in the comment section!


Nice! Thanks for the info. Didn´t know about the lettuce leaves to prevent avocados from getting dark ??
Sure, no problem. You just have to put the tomatoes in a plastic container and then set the timer for 35 seconds, and then that's it ?
another life hack for cutting onions is just to poor cold water on the knife and then cut the onion, I always use it and never cry

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