15+ Men Who Grew a Beard and Boosted Their Masculinity to Another Level

3 years ago

Bearded men are seen as more prosocial, and when they smile they look more friendly, helpful, and accepting than those who don’t have one, psychology says. It also turns out that a lot of women find them more attractive since having a beard contributes to the image of manliness, trustworthiness, and health. It seems like this facial feature can bring success to those who choose to grow it.

Bright Side was stunned by the transformations these 16 men went through. Let’s choose the best one together!

1. “Beards make owner happier.”

2. “Time inverted my hair.”

3. “5 months beard growth over 3 pics.”

4. “First time growing a beard, 3 months progress”

5. “Growth after 6 weeks”

6. Joaquin Phoenix prefers having a beard when off stage.

7. If Santa Claus were real, this would be him.

8. “If anyone tries to tell you that a beard is a bad thing, look what it did for me.”

9. 6 months into Viking transition

10. “In 6 months, I moved to a new city, went back to college, changed jobs twice, and last but not least — grew this beard.”

11. “Some faces need a beard!”

12. Zayn Malik has changed a lot since One Direction. So has his beard.

13. “Finally out of the military after 6 years. Couldn’t wait for this.”

14. “I’m so glad I didn’t let the early patches stop me.”

15. “My progress after 3 months!”

16. Jake Gyllenhaal has been admired by many for his beard style.

Have you ever radically changed your style? Let’s share our stories in the comment section!

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hard to recognize Joaquin Phoenix with a beard actually x)


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