15 Mistakes in Animated Movies That Even the Directors and Producers Overlooked

2 years ago

Animated films are the result of the work of many people who invest incredible amounts of time to achieve an excellent production. Sometimes it takes years to finish a film. And even though there are several revisions that these projects go through before being released, sometimes some long-hidden mistakes come to light.

Bright Side made this compilation of mistakes in animated movies to show some examples of this. They probably went unnoticed the first time you watched these movies.

1. Magic 8 ball

In Pixar’s first installment of the successful franchise Toy Story, there’s a scene where Andy’s out of the house. He went to get some pizza and he leaves Buzz and Woody on his desk for a bit. At that moment you can clearly see that there is nothing next to Woody and that the desk is pretty clean. However, in the next scene, a Magic 8 ball suddenly appears next to our favorite cowboy.

2. Cinderella’s sleeves disappear

At the end of Disney’s Cinderella, when the protagonist of the story says goodbye to everyone, you can see that she’s wearing a dress with long sleeves. In the next take, where we can see the carriage from behind, she’s supposed to be wearing the same dress, however, her sleeves are somehow gone.

3. Buzz claims to not be a toy but always stands still when he sees Andy.

Again, in the first installment of Toy Story, one of the main characters, Buzz Lightyear, claims to not be a toy from the very beginning of the movie. However, every time Andy enters his room or whenever Buzz sees him, he also stands still just like all the other toys that acknowledge being toys.

4. Musicians who appear and disappear

At the beginning of Disney’s movie Lilo & Stitch, 2 musicians with instruments can be seen in the dance class if you look closely at the back of the stage. However, right in the next shot, when the angle of the camera changes so you can see all the dancers from the left side, the 2 disappear only to reappear a few takes later.

5. Musicians change instruments in dance class.

Again, in the same Lilo & Stitch scene, the musicians appearing in the background are playing for the dance class. Throughout the song, both of them are playing the same instrument as you can see from the screenshot above. However, later on, when Lilo tells them that “Pudge, the fish” controls the weather, there’s a shot that captures how they look at each other, fairly confused by that comment, while they hold their instruments. Right there you can see that magically one of the instruments has changed and is now a drum.

6. Olaf falls on top of Kristoff

A mistake that can be spotted in this movie takes place when the ice monster is chasing our heroes Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf. After a while, he throws the snowman down a ravine. In the next scene, when Anna and Kristoff fall from the cliff we see that Kristoff falls under Olaf even though it was he who fell first. This is, of course, assuming physics in Frozen works in the same way as in our world.

7. Vanellope loses a tooth while practicing with her car.

In Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph, there’s a scene where Vanellope practices go-karting on the track that Ralph built for her. After a bit, she crashes into a pole. That’s actually the accident that led her to lose a tooth if you recall. And even though you can clearly see that she lost it and then, you can also spot that throughout the rest of the movie that same tooth is still there.

8. Absent reflection of Hamm and Rex on television

Now moving onto the second installment of Toy Story, there’s a scene where Rex is watching TV. While watching, they stumble upon an ad for Al’s toy store that appears on the screen. That’s also when Hamm helps Rex turn the TV off. However, when the TV is turned off we can’t see the reflection of any of them despite them being right in front of it. Instead, what you see is the rest of the empty room.

9. Shackles disappearing from Flynn’s hands

In Disney’s Tangled, when Flynn is chained in shackles because of Gothel, we can see that Rapunzel approaches him to talk to him. Despite being “chained” we can see that Flynn caresses Rapunzel’s face in a beautiful closeup take. However, if you look at his wrists, he no longer has the shackles, even if in the next scene they do reappear.

10. Boo only affects electricity sometimes

In the first installment of Monsters Inc., you probably remember that when Boo, the only human to go cross the door to the monster’s world, cries or laughs, the whole electric network suffers from a sort of outage. Somehow, this is much more noticeable when the 3 of them are in Mike and Sully’s apartment. Interestingly enough, when Randall kidnaps Boo, she’s tied up in a chair and she is screaming, but the electricity seems to work just fine.

11. Scratches on the Beast artwork change location

At the beginning of Disney’s animated movie Beauty and the Beast, when the Beast scratches a portrait of himself before becoming the Beast, you see that his claws reach the eyes of the young man in the painting, tearing them. However, when Belle finds the painting a few scenes later in the movie you can see that the painting is scratched in a different way.

12. Spots on the face of the Beast come and go

When Belle has dinner with the Beast you might remember that in contrast with her lady-like manners, he gets his face all dirty with food. Here’s another clear oversight of the animators that few people notice. In the shot that comes right after we see the Beast covered in food, his face is completely clean as if he had not eaten anything, a detail that is corrected in the following scene, where the stains appear again.

13. Belle “snuck” into the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Rather than a mistake, this point highlights a strange detail that very few people have noticed unless they’ve watched the movie several times. When the song “Out There” plays in the background of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Belle can be seen walking through the streets for a few seconds while she’s reading a book.

14. Shadows do not touch hands

In the movie Pocahontas, when the main character joins Nakoma to visit John, who is tied up as a prisoner, before they reach the prisoner they’re holding hands. However, upon taking a closer look at the still of that moment, as you can see above, you can see that their shadows never touch hands.

15. A fork that changes the number of its prongs

In the movie The Little Mermaid, when Ariel is looking for things in a sunken ship, near the beginning of the movie she finds a “junk”, as she calls forks. When they focus on the fork, you can see that it has 4 prongs and when Ariel grabs it, it has 3 prongs.

Which of these mistakes had you not noticed? What mistakes have you noticed creeping into other films?

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yeah I also though that there was something wrong with Vanellope's teeth as she looked different in the beginning


there is something magical happening with those musicians in Lilo and Stitch haha


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