15+ Mixed-Race Men Who Can Make You Go Weak in the Knees

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Hollywood embraces diversity by welcoming mixed-race actors, singers, and directors to showcase their talent in the spotlight. Some of these celebrities don’t just belong to just a single heritage, but to more diverse backgrounds, like Keanu Reeves is Lebanese-Canadian, English, Chinese, Irish, Native Hawaiian, and Portuguese, all in one. No wonder these actors rocked their genes in the industry.

We at Bright Side present you a set of gorgeous and talented actors of mixed ethnicities for your viewing pleasure.

British-Pakistani and Irish

French-Canadian, German, English, Scottish, Irish

English, Scots-Irish, French, German, and possibly Native American

Korean-American and Irish


Italian-American, Armenian, Austrian, and Croatian


Malaysian, Iban, and English

English, African, and Ghanaian

Jewish-American and French



Half-Italian, Dutch, Native American, and Puerto Rican

Polynesian, Russian and Irish

Singaporean, Chinese, Malaysian, English, and Dutch

American, Samoan, Hawaiian, German, Irish, and Native American

English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Swiss-German, and French

Lebanese-Canadian, English, Chinese, Irish, Native Hawaiian, and Portuguese

Australian, English, Irish, Dutch, Scottish, and German

Which of these celebs intrigued you the most with their ancestry? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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1. Zayn Malik

2. Jason Momoa

3. Chris Hemsworth

4. Noah Contineo

5. Ross Butler

6. Channing Tatum

7. Sendhil Ramammurthy❤️?❤️


My God! These men are fire! Jason Momoa though....extra flame????


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