15+ Movie Couples With Major Age Gaps We Didn’t Notice Before

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Sometimes actors playing on-screen couples have significant age gaps that aren’t necessarily written into the storyline. And the nice part about movies is that they blur the lines between fiction and reality in a way that we would never even pay attention to, as vast as an age gap may be. Here, we put together some iconic movies where this detail has gone unnoticed, and you will want to watch them again with fresh eyes.

1. Sean Connery (68) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (29) in Entrapment


2. Bill Murray (52) and Scarlett Johansson (18) in Lost in Translation

3. Jack Nicholson (66) and Amanda Peet (31) in Something’s Gotta Give

4. Colin Firth (53) and Emma Stone (25) in Magic in the Moonlight

5. Tom Hiddleston (32) and Tilda Swinton (53) in Only Lovers Left Alive

6. Clint Eastwood (63) and Rene Russo (39) in In the Line of Fire

7. Harrison Ford (55) and Anne Heche (29) in Six Days, Seven Nights

8. Jeff Bridges (59) and Maggie Gyllenhaal (31) in Crazy Heart

9. Javier Bardem (48) and Jennifer Lawrence (27) in Mother

10. Gene Wilder (51) and Kelly LeBrock (24) in The Woman in Red

11. Sean Penn (53) and Emma Stone (24) in Gangster Squad

12. Will Smith (46) and Margot Robbie (24) in Focus

13. Richard Gere (41) and Julia Roberts (23) in Pretty Woman

14. Bradley Cooper (37) and Jennifer Lawrence (22) in Silver Linings Playbook

15. Steve Martin (60) and Claire Danes (26) in Shopgirl

16. Tom Cruise (54) and Annabelle Wallis (32) in The Mummy

17. Sam Neill (42) and Laura Dern (23) in Jurassic Park

18. Sam Neill (74) and Laura Dern (55) in Jurassic Word Dominion

Do you believe that intergenerational love relationships work in real life? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comment section.


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