15 Mystery Finds That Left the Internet in Shock

5 months ago

Every now and then, we stumble upon peculiar little things that leave us perplexed. These enigmatic discoveries may be a bit confusing or even unsettling at times, but fortunately, there are knowledgeable people who, with the help of the internet, are always prepared to provide accurate answers and crack the mystery.

1. “I found this plugged into the wall at my Airbnb. My host claims it’s a night light. Can I get some confirmation?”

Answer: I googled square nightlights, and it looks just like that.
Answer 2: If you zoom in, you can see that it’s a photosensor. They have a distinctive look.

2. “My mother-in-law bought this house built in the early 1900s. On the first floor, there are these two doors. They are very small, about the height of a soda can.”

Answer: It’s a cat door. Plenty big enough for many cats to slink through.

3. “What is this small plastic pouch with red gel and a metal disc inside?”

Answer: It’s a hand warmer. You can ’click’ the metal piece, and it will start a chemical reaction to heat the pad.

4. “What’s this hollow metal box with sharp grooved edges?”

Answer: It’s an attachment for an oscillating saw for cutting holes for electrical boxes.

5. “What are these small waxy minty sticks — they look like hot glue sticks.”

Answer: It’s wax for braces/dental work.

6. “What’s this 4-inch all-metal cylinder tool with looped ends?”

Answer: It’s a blackhead/pimple remover.

7. “What is this red glass light I found while metal detecting?”

Answer: It’s a navigation light off of a boat. They are red on one side and green on the other side of the boat.

8. “What is this small vintage ceramic container with a cork? I believe it’s from the 1940s.”

Answer: I believe it’s a soy sauce container. Could be a good collector item!

9. “What’s this aluminum cube with circles featuring additional cubes with circles?”

10. “What is this diamond-esque shaped glass object? It’s a little bigger than the size of my palm.”

Answer: A paperweight.

11. “It is the size of my hand, the white top screws on and off, and the red bag part expands and is pretty thick. What is it?”

Answer: It’s a mini refillable hot/cold pack for headaches or injuries.

12. “What is this phone charm thing? It comes apart and looks like a macaroon when put together.”

Answer: It’s a screen cleaner.

13. “What is the red pointy plastic used for?”

Answer: It’s for opening old-style push-tab cans, so you don’t cut your finger.

14. “We received this in a goodie bag but have no idea what it’s supposed to be used for.”

Answer: A hook to hang your handbag from a table so it doesn’t have to sit on the floor.

15. “My father-in-law gave this to me as a gift.”

Answer: I’m interested to know the context of receiving this gift because it’s a Mason mouth gag, historically used to keep a patient’s mouth open during surgery to prevent suffocation.

The internet is a bottomless pit when it comes to intriguing mystery finds. Here is another article showcasing some truly curious objects that left people wondering for some time.

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