15+ Mystery Objects That Left People Speechless With Their Purpose

9 months ago

Sometimes, we find things and don’t know what they’re for. In the past, we had to go to libraries, ask smart people, or accept that we might never know. But today, we can use the internet to help us figure it out. In this collection, we’ve gathered 16 mind-blowing discoveries that had even more astonishing explanations.

1. ’’Is this what I think it is?!’’

  • ’’It looks like an acupressure ring — meant to help improve circulation in your fingers.’’ © Shevyshev / Reddit

2. ’’I found these among my boyfriend’s stuff. What are they?!’’

3. ’’What is this thing in the middle of the wall in my 1906 house?’’

4. ’’Two flat metal round disks with long stem attached by hinges. No markings. Found in a new kitchen.’’

5. ’’I found it on my window.’’

6. ’’We have about 10 of these around our house and neither my wife nor I know what they are.’’

  • ’’These are cheap elastic bands for books. They keep them from opening in backpacks.’’ © YBDum / Reddit

7. ’’What is this thing with two handles and two rails?’’

8. ’’My father-in-law sent this for my kids, but we have NO CLUE what it is!’’

  • ’’It’s a sprinkler. My mother used to fill an empty soda bottle with water, cork it with this thing and sprinkle water on clothing she was ironing to dampen them.’’ © LenVT / Reddit

9. ’’This was thrown into our garden. It’s a pink modelling clay surrounding a metallic item.’’

  • ’’It’s a lead or tungsten Worm Weight used for fishing. It’s wrapped in indicator putty,’’ © ozzenfeffer / Reddit

10. ’’What is this type of clamp used for?’’

  • That’s a gang lock for lockout/tagout. You place this on a breaker when multiple people are working on equipment to keep people from turning the equipment on. © Impossible_Ad9947 / Reddit

11. ’’Surprisingly heavy blob of metal, scorched at the top. I found it in the street near a van.’’

12. ’’What is this heavy yellow tray? Maybe rubber coated metal, about the size of my hand.’’

  • ’’It’s a shaving bowl thing. My dad had one. You mix the shaving cream and water in the bowl.’’
    © vigilantepro / Reddit

13. ’’What’s this tool consisting of a wooden handle and two movable metal parts?’’

14. ’’It’s metal, and relatively flexible but I feel at one point it would break. What is it?’’

15. “I found it on the bottom of a drawer. It’s made from rigid, translucent plastic. Is it what I think it is?!”

16. ’’The one on top looks like a safety pin, but I have no idea what the others are.’’

If you’d like to dive in more in the world of mystery objects, then this article might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Preview photo credit aalder / Reddit


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