15 People Who Came Across Extremely Unique Situations

year ago

If there’s one thing we have all learned from the internet, it’s that the world is full of many astonishing things. You never know what you might come across, and a lucky few are able to capture those unique situations in the moment. These 15 people took us on a journey of surprises with their pictures.

1. “The hairbrush my daughter leaves hanging in the shower.”

2. “While microwaving a potato, my plate broke in an aesthetically pleasing way.”

3. “The tines on this fork are still connected from the factory.”

4. “Smoke from this factory looks like a dog.”

5. “When I microwave my coffee in this mug, it comes out the handle.”

6. “My flashlight has a square beam.”

7. “I got this balloon in 1998 and it’s still inflated!”

8. “This building I’m in has a hole that goes across all the floors.”

9. “My hospital has a fake LED window on their ceiling.”

10. “Our fish fingers contained one super long finger.”

11. “This guy made pants from all the festival hats from previous years.”

12. “My husband and I burned our hands in the same place on our oven.”

13. “This bird in a backpack with some toys.”

14. “My leek had a squiggle inside.”

15. “My girlfriend cuts pizza with scissors.”

Preview photo credit Asthimaya / Reddit


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