21 People Who Aren’t Afraid to Experiment With Their Hair

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When people are going through a breaking point in their life or decide to change something about it, a new hairdo is often the result. Usually, we get brave enough to cut off our long locks, leaving some events or people together with it in the past. At the same time, for some reason, very few girls dare to dye their hair a juicy bright color. But perhaps they should do it more because not only do their looks and eyes change — these shades bring a colossal amount of self-confidence.

We at Bright Side can’t stop looking at the characters of our compilation who proved that one should never be afraid of bright hair colors — it’s just that you need to look closer at it.

1. Cotton candy vibe

2. ’’I went all the way.’’

3. “Couldn’t decide between violet and red, so I chose both!”

4. “I tried UV hair dye and now I am naturally shocked about how cool it looks. ”

5. “Went for orange vibes! It’s my comfiest color! I feel like meeeeeeee!”

6. “Mistakes were made. Luckily I didn’t have to leave the house. Here’s the fixed result.”

7. “With hair dye, the possibilities are endless!”

8. “Can’t believe I managed to do the awesome sunset hair all by myself.”

9. “I’ve wanted to do it since high school, so I finally bit the bullet and went pink!”

10. “Let the stylist do whatever she wanted as long as it was blue.”

11. “A touch of bird — I did this bee-eater-inspired color palette on a friend of mine.”

12. “What a difference 4 hours can make!”

13. “Went from dark brown to bright pink in one day.”

14. “Orange is the one color I haven’t done yet, so I did and I love it.”

15. “After years of dying my hair bright red, I decided to make a change. The color was supposed to be darker, but I love it!”

16. With rainbow hair, the mood should always be rainbow-ish too.

17. “My sister got her hair dyed, inspired by an aurora borealis.”

18. “Since I’ve said goodbye to the corporate world, I’ve been playing with some color melts!”

19. “This is the brightest and shortest I’ve gone so far, and I am obsessed!!! ”

20. “How it started vs How it’s going”

Didn’t expect that sick gradient. Made me say “whoa” out loud. © crsdrjct / Reddit

21. ’’First time for me, at 53 years old, to go all out with color.’’

Have you ever dyed your hair bright, or do you prefer natural colors?

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Ooh… I’m having second thoughts about natural hair…


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