15+ People Who Did Something They’ve Been Craving to Do, and We Applaud Them for It

3 years ago

Most of us spend our lives carrying a dream. Some of those dreams are big and require a lot of time and effort to come true, others are actually not that big and all we need is spare some time and to overcome our laziness to finally see them come to life. The characters of our article are the ones who’ve managed to do it.

We at Bright Side admire the people who pursue their dreams and make them come true, even if the dream is not that big.

“I decided to finally get vaccinated behind my anti-vax parents’ back!”

“I always hid it, but now I want to share my birthmark with you in the center of my forehead.”

“My grandpa was very excited to show me that he grew a tomato plant in an eggshell.”

“My Dad hasn’t painted in over 30 yrs. Now that he’s retired, he decided to pick up a brush again.”

“My wedding arch! Handmade and strung 1,000 paper cranes. Made for some beautiful pictures!”

“My long-awaited project. Digital design, laser-cut into 10 layers of plywood, stained brown.”

“Have always wondered what braiding a dog would be like.”

Lord of the Rings messenger bag I just finished!”

“All mommy wanted to do today was to have the time to put her vision on the wall.”

“I did a thing today.”

Father of the year makes his daughter’s graduation day special by building a stage in his driveway.

“I built a Da Vinci bridge in my backyard.”

“Celebrated my 25th birthday by planting flowers outside my apartment.”

“I spent over 100 hours on this, finally finished!”

“I spent 2 months painting all these raindrops and my dad built the window frames for me.”

“I decided to draw this picture using one line and here are the results!”

What was the last long-awaited dream that you made come true? Please share your stories and photos in the comments!

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These are incredible! I hope all of these talented people are truly proud of themselves and their masterpieces!

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