12 People Who Practically Discovered Whole New Worlds Inside Ordinary Things

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If you think you know something well because you see it or use it every day, think again! Your dog’s toy may hold something unexpected inside and your phone case might not actually be made of faux leather. Sometimes you have to really dig in to find all the hidden secrets.

1. “I had an egg inside my egg.”

2. " A die in your die so when your die dies, you have a new die."

3. “I broke a yard decoration that had 2 frogs and found one pig playing guitar inside.”

4. “The inside of this air mattress looks like an alien cave.”

5. “My brother dropped a watermelon and it broke to look like there was a tongue inside.”

6. All of this was inside of a baseball:

7. What the inside of a burning log looks like:

8. Welcome to Ponyland!

9. “The core of this rope is recycled diapers...”

10. “Newspaper print inside fried chicken”

11. Someone found a fake human head inside a Frankenstein Halloween decoration.

12. “My dog’s toy had a recycled water bottle inside it.”

What kind of crazy surprises have you found inside your food or other objects? It’s your turn to share your photos with us. We’ll be looking through the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Pit_Mosh / Reddit, IsshunGo / Reddit


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some of these are really weird, like the dice in the other dice.. like.. why ?


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