15+ People Who Embrace the 2 Sides of Themselves, and We Appreciate Their Honesty

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We believe that above everything, humor will save the world. And it turns out we aren’t the only ones who think that way. People in this article bravely shared how they really look without any fancy filters and Photoshop edits, and we just appreciate their honesty. Get ready to receive your daily dose of laughter.

1. It was hard for us to tell that it was the same person, but it was.

2. Her humor is priceless!

3. “Did you fine folks know that making funny faces is called ’gurning?’”

4. Pretty much everyone looks like this in the morning, no?

5. “Aliens do exist...”

6. “Body serving up seizures cause it can’t handle this face no more.”

7. Both photos look equally adorable.

8. We so much appreciate her enthusiasm.

9. “Can I put ’versatile’ on my resume?”

10. “I’m trying to be a baddie, but the truth is that I am a hippo.”

11. “I’m a shapeshifter.”

12. “This somehow makes me happy.”

13. “The queen of beauty”

14. “I have returned from whence I came, baring gifts from far away lands. I am the QUEEN of this land.”

15. “Instagram vs reality”

16. “Scientists believe they have found the missing link.”

17. “I’m considering shaving my head to achieve more of an egg look.”

Do you also catch yourself taking such funny pics? Share your pics in the comments, we can’t wait to see them!

Preview photo credit _buffaloranch / Reddit


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