15+ People Who Found Unique Things That Seem to Be From Another World

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If you need to “refresh” the day, sometimes a new discovery is enough. But we need to find something new, fantastic, and unbelievable — something we didn’t notice before to switch off from the daily grind. Hopefully, this can be done today with no extra effort.

We at Bright Side have found some extraordinary things that prove how much we still don’t know about this world and how many new, cool things there are for us to discover every single day.

1. “An extra row of teeth”

2. “This piebald squirrel that was spotted in the park today”

3. “My glasses glow under UV light.”

4. “A red bumpy avocado? It’s my first time seeing this. Wondering if it will give me superpowers.”

5. “The condensation from the AC is creating a lush environment.”

6. “This traffic light in Germany has a little girl and a camel as signal lights.”

7. “My partner’s most recent tomato harvest”

8. “A bathroom sign at the Bosnian pyramids”

9. “Thought it was a bunny rabbit sticker but it’s just how the paint peeled.”

10. “The size of this strawberry”

11. “Summer storm clouds”

12. “Marshmallo’s Coca-Cola I found in my local Tesco today”

13. “2 of my eyelashes somehow collided with each other.”

14. “This lovely heart mark on my best friend’s dog”

15. “This double crown pineapple I found today”

16. “Saw this tick-mobile that spreads Lyme awareness and education.”

17. “These wood ear mushrooms look just like ears.”

What other discoveries has the universe surprised you with? Have you managed to take some pictures of them? Please share them with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ChemicalFennel3 / Reddit


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