15 People Who Live With Real “Home Monsters”

2 years ago

Sharing one home is not an easy thing. And there are habits of family members that can be very hard to get used to, even if you’ve been living together for a long time. This can be even more true during the period when your “family life” is just starting, and this fragile union can be ruined by a tiny domestic mishap.

We at Bright Side empathize deeply with the people of our compilation whose family members created more thrills for them.

1. “My wife cuts bananas in half and just leaves the tops.”

2. “I cut the crust off my toddler’s sandwich, so she would eat the whole thing. I came back to this.”

3. “Found a toilet paper graveyard at my boyfriend’s place.”

4. “My brother was playing darts outside and hit the sliding door...”


6. “The way my wife cut up this avocado for my daughter for lunch”

7. “My dad says I don’t deserve or need a doorknob.”

8. Revengeful mom

9. “My wife often leaves her keys here...she’ll then follow up with, ’Why can’t I ever find my keys?’”

10. “My daughter knows how to fix it. She simply refuses to do so to infuriate me.”

11. “My dad’s phone — he says he doesn’t want to scratch it.”

12. “My sister promised she’d take the chicken out of the oven while I took a bath and relaxed after driving all day.”

13. “Went to the bathroom. Came back to find that my girlfriend had taken a bite out of my burrito.”

14. “How my wife loads the dishwasher”

15. “My kitchen after a week of my boyfriend being in charge of cleaning”

How do you deal with house chore difficulties?

Preview photo credit that_fresh_life / Reddit


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