15 People Who Love Their Pets Unconditionally

2 years ago

From making sure their pets get what they want to never leaving their side as they grow old, some pet owners truly love their animals like family. Getting a pet is an easy thing to do, but taking care of them the way they deserve requires some serious effort. However, some pet parents out there are doing such a great job, they can teach others a thing or 2 about unconditional love.

Bright Side is glad to share 15 such owners whose love for their pets will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

1. “My senior(ish) dog can’t swim by himself anymore, so I carry him while he takes a dip.”

2. “He was crying because he couldn’t catch a bug, so she helped him.”

3. “20 years of love”

4. “Finally got his own room!”

5. “A maternity shoot for my pregnant foster dog”

6. “My cat has anxiety and feels safe when he’s wearing a sweater, so I learned how to crochet sweaters for him.”

7. “She hopped on the printer. I gave her a CAT scan.”

8. “I took my old man on a date to the beach this weekend, just him and me, for the first time in forever...I *think* he enjoyed himself.”

9. “We rescued these boys one year ago. Love them.”

10. “I bought my cat a tiny tent and she absolutely loves it!”

11. “Luna was so sick when we rescued her that she could barely open her eyes. 6 years later, she’s a happy and healthy girl!”

12. “My mom crocheted a couch for my cats.”

13. “Nymeria when I first rescued her vs Nymeria after 2 years in my care”

14. “Bean developed an autoimmune disease that requires him to eat upright. We built him this chair to help. This is how he waits for his food now.”

15. “At 13, Diesel occasionally needs help finishing walks. It’s become his favorite part of the day.”

Do you like spoiling your pet? What is the sweetest thing you’ve done for your furry friend so far?

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if I need the toilet and 1 of my babies (my cats) is cuddling up against me, sometimes I'll hold it because I feel bad for moving


My sister's old dog, Frodo, is scared of fireworks, so every New Year's eve, instead of watching and enjoying the noise and light show, I spend those nights with the poor dog, comforting and holding him close to me, and I'll never tire of doing that for him!


Whenever my dog is scared or he can't sleep... He'd just walk upto me and look at me with that expression (sorry I can:t describe it, I've no words), so I'd just leave whatever I'm doing to hold him until he falls asleep or is merry enough to play with me or my siblings. This one time, I managed to be late for an online meeting, get my pen and some other stationary chewed and have clothes full of furr.
But hey, all worth it!💟😍❤️


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