15+ People Whose Clients Are Real Troublemakers

3 years ago

“The customer is not always right,” Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the car manufacturer Ferrari, believed. And this is true, judging by the stories you’ll find in our article. However, to restore justice, we added a couple of stunning stories about the customers who, in their turn, also got very surprised in the bonus part.

We at Bright Side decided that being forewarned means being forearmed. Maybe our article will help people be more kind to each other.

  • I work in a service center for the repair and maintenance of household appliances. Once, a client contacted us about the warranty repair of a dishwasher. He had the following complaints — some parts of the dishwasher fell out, and after that, it began to work noisily and didn’t wash the dishes as well. I immediately told the client that these parts were not related to the dishwasher. In turn, the customer got really angry — the client asked what kind of specialists we were and told us that he knew for sure that he had never owned anything like this, that these details had definitely fallen out of the dishwasher, and blah-blah-blah. The process stalled because the client didn’t agree with the technical conclusion, he wrote complaints and letters to the manufacturer and the seller and did other similar things. Today, I worked on a paid-for request from another customer. I conducted an external examination of his dishwasher. And voila! At the bottom of the device, there was the same rubber thing that I saw inside the device of the client I described above. I asked the owner of the dishwasher, “Do you know where this piece came from?” And he replied, “Oh, it’s from the IKEA grater, they constantly fall out.” So ... I took a picture of it and sent a photo to our dear client via Viber. And he replied, “Oh, that’s it. I have one. Sorry.” No, we won’t accept your “sorry.” © human2020 / Pikabu

  • This is a typical fail. A client booked and took a manual flash, which is a usual deal for our photo equipment rental agency. She called us later panicking:
    — You gave me a flash that doesn’t work! The wedding starts in 30 minutes!
    My professional pride got a bit offended because we always check all our equipment.
    — Are you sure you’re using charged batteries?
    — Of course! Do you think I’d go to a photoshoot with uncharged ones?
    I dropped everything I was doing at the office, including our clients and phone calls, and jumped into the car myself (the delivery guy was busy). I can’t let the client down. A 15-minute ride and I was on the other side of the city putting my batteries in the flash. It worked! Not feeling embarrassed at all, the client said:
    — Ooops, I thought mine were charged...
    I had already turned away to leave and heard the following question:
    — Do you happen to have a flash drive with you? My videographer forgot about it... The wedding starts in 5 minutes! © cinemarental / Pikabu
  • I work with ceilings. We finished a difficult task and worked 2 days for 12-13 hours. Our customer, a young guy, accepted our work, pointed out several small mistakes, and we fixed them right away. A week had passed when suddenly I received a call from an unknown number, and a woman’s voice said:
    — Hello! I’m the mom of the guy you were renovating the ceilings for. I’m at the apartment and I don’t like how you installed the lamps — they look uneven!
    — And where is the guy himself?
    — He is away on duty, and I’m dealing with the house renovations.
    — Alright! What is the claim?
    — The lamps are in line, but they’re uneven in relation to each other. Everywhere!
    At this point, my jaw started to tremble a little, because there were 47 lamps in the apartment on 6 ceilings, and if the woman was right, it meant that the thermal rings were glued to the wrong place and that the canvas on the ceilings needed to be changed. And this is complete hell. We arrived at the address. The woman was very angry, and she started attacking us right from the doorway. I said:
    — Calm down and show us there the lamps were installed unevenly.
    — I won’t show you anything, look for yourself.
    I walked from room to room, stood in every corner, and strained my eyes. But I didn’t see anything criminal. At least, with the naked eye. So I started to lose my temper:
    — What lamp do you not like? What kind of circus is this? Who do you think I am, a fortune-teller?​​​​​​
    — This one! — the woman exploded with words. — It’s closer to the wall than the neighboring one!
    I measured 23 inches from the wall with a tape measure. The next lamp was located 23 inches away, as well as the remaining 5 lamps in a row. And it was so precise that even I was stunned. In short, we measured all 47 lamps with this woman and spent 40 minutes on it. She herself climbed the ladder, applied a tape measure, squinted her little eyes... And nothing. As a result, she threw the tape measure at me, turned her back to me, and said:
    — Well, it still seems to me that they’re installed unevenly...
    She didn’t even apologize. © Puhhhnoi / Pikabu
  • I work in tourism. There was a group tour today. It began at 10 a.m. and lasted for 5 hours. A client called me:
    — Hello! Why so short?
    — I didn’t quite understand what was short?
    — Our tour was very short, we didn’t really get to see anything. Get to the bottom of it!
    I called the tour guide. He assured me that they followed the schedule, and he started the tour at 10 a.m. sharp and finished it at 3:30 p.m. I called the client back and told him that the guide had confirmed that everything was alright. The client replied:
    — So it’s alright that we started a tour at 12:30 p.m.?! WE OVERSLEPT! IT WAS NOISY AT THE HOTEL AT NIGHT! WE! DIDN’T GET! ENOUGH SLEEP!
    I’m in no way related to their hotel. I just sold them this tour and sent them all the details in advance. So I said:
    — Hmm... The tour lasted for 5 and a half hours, it started right on time, and the group saw everything that was stated on the route list. What complaints do you have for me?
    — We didn’t see the palace! The guide didn’t tell us anything!!!
    — Well, you didn’t show up at the appointed time and were late by 2 and a half hours. What can I do?
    — We need to see the palace.
    — It’s already closed. But even if it were open, the guide won’t show anything just to you. He has already finished his work today.
    — Sign us up for tomorrow!
    — OK, so you want to be a part of the group just for 2-3 hours? To see the palace?
    ​​​​​​​— Yes!
    — Alright.
    I told him the price (which was half of the usual one) and I became deaf in one ear because of his scream:​​​​​​​
  • I work in a beauty salon. Once, a lady came to us all dressed up to get her hair done for a celebration. She styled her hair, paid for the service, and was already walking to the exit, taking a bottle out of her bag. At the door, she sprayed herself abundantly with something that looked like deodorant, screamed, and fell across the hall. The hairdressers and the administrator rushed to help her. Some of them laid down right next to her, while others started coughing terribly. And then everyone got affected by this spray... Clients and hairdressers who weren’t close to this woman began to cry and blush, and I was short of breath. It turned out that the client had confused deodorant with pepper spray... © Overheard / Ideer
  • My grandmother was a seamstress. When she had to deal with demanding customers who didn’t like the final results and asked her to redo everything, she said that, of course, she would do it, and just hung their order in the closet. And when the client came back at the appointed time, she took their order out and showed it to them. Interestingly, the clients always said, “See! Now, that’s what I need!” Of course... I don’t know what kind of quirks these people have... © Overheard / Ideer
  • I worked as a florist, and clients often brought us photographs of bouquets, in accordance with which we made flower compositions for them. But one day, a woman came to us and said, “I was told that you make bouquets from photographs.” We said, “Of course.” And she showed us a photo... of her mother-in-law. With tears of laughter, they fulfilled her request. © Overheard / Ideer
  • Every cell phone company’s call center has customers who call very often. In most cases, they have some mental problems and they call because they’re bored. I worked as a senior specialist and handled these calls. There was one man. He introduced himself as Kitty and just meowed into his phone, and nothing else! We can’t just drop the call, so I had to try to start a dialogue. But once, I broke down and started meowing back. Silence. A crying client. He said that he had been calling for 2 years and waiting for someone to meow back at him. © Overheard / Ideer
  • I love it so much when clients ask me, “Are you sure this tattoo will last for a lifetime?” This is simply the best, my favorite question. © drsy10WSbjZ3Sho / Twitter
  • There were customers in a store who insulted me right to my face. And often, they’d ask other shop assistants, “Who is this freak who’s working here?” If Melissa heard this, she’d say that I was her boyfriend. At that moment, the clients’ faces would get very surprised. © SUPPORT_C_MAPCA / Twitter
  • I have a friend. She worked as a waitress at a nightclub in Yerevan. She looks Russian but understands Armenian. And once, clients from the VIP-zone discussed right in front of her how they were going to kidnap her. And they weren’t joking. But she understood everything and called security. © soskanerealka30 / Twitter
  • A mattress is not a trampoline!!! Many customers complain and blame the manufacturer for the fact that mattresses quickly wears out because of the jumping of children. But you need to sleep on the mattress, not jump on it! The springs also have a permissible load — most often, it’s 242-308 lbs per berth. © Allan_Qwee / Twitter
  • THE LINE WON’T MOVE FASTER if you step on my heels! And clients at work also love to do this. I put them at the other end of the table, and they imperceptibly move closer and closer to me until they begin to hang over me. I always ask them to move away. © MrSa1em/ Twitter
  • I saw a note on an order for a “Margarita” pizza saying, “Without cheese and tomatoes.” This is not a joke! A “Margarita” pizza is pizza with cheese and tomatoes. Or sometimes we see vice versa — a request to add all meat ingredients to a pizza and include all types of cheese (hard cheese, mozzarella, parmesan) in double size. © Alenka Naydenova / Facebook
  • Once, a guest ordered a burger without everything. It was just a bun and a patty. In the end, he didn’t even bite it and, having paid, left. Well, there are a lot of strange guests, we didn’t even pay much attention to it. But then he tweeted a photo of that very burger, with a caption like, “Hey, look at this — this local restaurant forgot to put the ingredients in my burger.” When I see such posts like this, I have one thought —someone is trying to earn karma on the internet. © do / AdMe
  • I work for an equipment repair service. Today, a customer brought a laptop with a malfunction — the game “World of Tanks” wouldn’t load. I asked if there were any other malfunctions, and I got the response, “Well, I haven’t tried to do anything else.” © Palata № 6 / Vk
  • One woman’s car broke down. It wouldn’t start and that’s it. We drove the car to the service station. The guys tried to figure out what the problem was for a week and replaced a certain part in the engine for $350. The car wouldn’t start again. They asked my husband to come with a special device and help them do diagnostics (he owns this device, but he has nothing to do with the service station). He arrived and identified the malfunction without the device. Later, the device confirmed his words. The car had just RUN OUT OF GASOLINE!!! © © Palata № 6 / Vk

Bonus: Sometimes, customers also get confused.

  • I work as a manicurist. I have an office at home, and often when I work, a cat sleeps on my lap and my clients don’t even realize it. So, I was applying nail polish on the nails of a girl. Before I applied another layer, I washed a brush in a jar with a pump. At this moment, the cat began to reach for the table with her nose. I told her, “Get your face out of here or it will splash in your eyes!” The client’s eyes got so big. When we realized what had happened, we laughed for another half hour. Now, every time we meet, we tease each other. © Overheard / Ideer
  • I gave my mom the login and the password from my Facebook account — she wanted to know how people were doing without showing them that it was her. And I had some articles that I wrote posted on there too. So she leaves comments under my articles (but under my name) saying things like, “You’re so talented, so smart. I love you, darling.” My clients have started to worry about me since I’m a psychologist. © Overheard / Ideer

What crazy stories about nightmare clients do you know? We’d love to read about your experience in the comments.

Preview photo credit © «Overheard» / Ideer


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