15 People Whose Real Age Can Puzzle Even the Sharpest Minds

2 years ago

Some people spend lots of money on expensive skincare and strictly follow their beauty routine to look younger than they really are, while others don’t seem to bother with it and yet look much younger than their age. Others, on the contrary, may look middle-aged, even if they’re still in high school.

We at Bright Side gathered 15 pictures of people who have truly unique appearances, and their real age is a puzzle that’s not easy to solve.

1. “I’m 31.”

2. “This photo was taken about a week before my fourteenth birthday.”

3. “Me, age 17, letting my beard properly grow for the first time”

4. “Here, I look like a 30-year-old actor trying to pass as a teen in an early ’00s soap opera.”

5. “Me, looking like an assistant manager at Applebee’s at my middle school dance”

6. “Me at 16, completely bald on top by 18”

7. “My dad got me a new bike — I’m 41 and over the moon about it!”

8. “Still get on the bus as a child (15 and under) and I’m 20.”

9. “I’ll be 30 this year and I’m excited!”

10. “I’m almost 29.”

11. “I’m 26, it’s only recently I stopped getting ID’ed constantly.”

12. “I’m 40!”

13. “My double-chin, terrible smile, and inability to grow facial hair present this monstrosity. I’m 30.”

14. “I was told I look 28. I’m 15.”

15. “Me at 12, looking like I’m 35”

Whose age was the hardest to guess? Do you think you look younger or older than your age?


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