15 Photos Show What People Usually Have for Lunch Around the World

year ago

A study conducted in 27 countries around the world found that the time we take on lunch varies all around the world, with the shortest lunch breaks being in Greece and the longest in Southeast Asian countries. The food people eat is also completely different and can give us a glimpse into another culture. Come on a trip with us and check out these 15 ever different lunches.

1. South Korea

2. California

3. Finland

4. Lebanon

5. Sweden

6. Florida

7. India

8. Portugal

9. Belgium

10. Poland

11. Mexico

12. Northern England

13. Italy

14. France

15. Montreal


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Well this is a lie 😭🤣 I live in Northan England and no one eats that, like at all, wth even is it


Yummy, especially the Polish one. Potatoes, meat and mizeria, a cucumber and sour cream salad.


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