15+ Photos Showing the Hilarious Relationship Between Animals and Snow

3 years ago

There are 2 types of pets — those who love snowfall so much that they refuse to come back inside, and those who are bamboozled by its existence. Either way, there is no denying that pets share quite an interesting relationship with snow that is cute enough to make their owners chuckle for days.

Bright Side has picked 15+ funny photos that perfectly depict what the pet-snow relationship is all about.

1. “After a day playing in the snow”

2. “Hildegard’s first snow experience is going well!”

3. One little snowy NOPE.

4. “My coworker took her dog to see the snow, the reaction was priceless.”

5. We brought some snow inside for our cat to play with and he was amused.

6. If “I love snow” had a face

7. “Took my puppy hiking for the first time! I think he likes the snow...”

8. “This is Simba. He is not used to snow.”

9. 2 kinds of reactions during snowfall

10. “It’s soooo ruff living in snow country when your legs are short!”

11. Beware, your cat might malfunction in snow.

12. “My doggo after 5 minutes in snow”

13. “It barely snowed, but they’ve realized how magical the heat register is.”

14. “Rhodie’s first time seeing snow!”

15. My puppy has ice dingle berries and it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

16. “Our cat’s first bite of snow and subsequently first brain freeze”

Are your pets a fan of snow? We’d love to see their snowy faces in the comments below!


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Our pup experienced show for the first time this year and hi is totally in love with it.
Now he keeps crying to let him go outside :D


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