15 Photos That Prove Things Are More Doubtful Than You Believe

year ago

Simple things can be very unpredictable if you look at them from a different angle. Just allow your imagination to work, and you may notice something that is worth taking a picture of.

1. “Hand or foot?”

2. “This truck carrying a heavy load”

3. “Hair or hat?”

4. “Kitty has 2 legs.”

5. “Dude, your head...”

6. “They look like they’re bumping their heads.”

7. “It looks like foot X-ray vision.”

8. Cats on the roof

9. “These birds look like musical notes.”

10. “Save time by taking a shower and a dump simultaneously with this handy bathroom layout.”

11. This cat is levitating.

12. It looks like she’s just standing on her tippy toes.

13. “Woman without a head”

14. “I took this picture of my best friend and his girlfriend.”

15. “It looks like she’s wearing fishnet stockings. I showed her, and we had a good laugh.”


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