15+ Photos That Show We Might Be Living in the Upside Down World After All

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Redditors usually pay a lot of attention to every small detail they see around them. That’s why they might share images of situations or products they find interesting or weird and that made them laugh and even shout out, “What’s going on here?!” Although they look like montages, these images are real and definitely worth seeing.

1. “This red car matches the car on the banner flag.”

2. “The top cookie was upside down.”

3. It is not clear whether this place sells pizzas or hamburgers.

4. “My banana has a Snapchat code on it.”

5. “This baby truck on a big truck”

6. “Mcdonald’s mural in Qatar used an odd green color for the eggs and hash browns that looks like mold.”

7. It looks like they used the wallpaper to cover the pillow.

8. “This weird tomato was in a group of normal tomatoes.”

9. “This golf course places their trash cans in the ground to prevent bears from getting them.”

10. “A fake tree cell phone antenna under maintenance revealing its metal skeleton”

11. “Cake box looks happy leaving one more slice.”

12. “This free chair you can’t sit on”

13. “The rib sandwich is vegetarian.”

14. “Two calculators getting different answers”

15. “The design of the floor at my vet hides all the animal hair.”

16. “Found homemade limo in my parking lot at work”

What do you think of this gallery of incredible objects and moments? Have you taken a photo of a particular event that you would like to share? We look forward to your comments and photos!

Preview photo credit skimsy / Reddit


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weird that a scientific calculator doesn't follow BODMAS.


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