15 Photos That’ll Leave You a Little Confused

year ago

John Lennon once said, “The more I see, the less I know for sure.” And the thing is that the more we keep looking to find answers to these photos, the more puzzled we end up. We decided to test out our brain with some challenging photos that are on the edge of crossing a glitch in the matrix.

1. “A second look is not enough.”

2. “I wrapped our white elephant gifts in the shape of toilet and a giant plunger.”

3. “My Uber driver seems a bit off.”

4. “The red building looks as if it’s behind the grey one but is actually connected to it.”

5. “Had to double check this ‘crooked’ lamp post.”

6. “My 2 dogs look fused together in this picture.”

7. These shopping carts

8. “My dog’s legs are... wrong?”

9. “Mutts are getting next level.”

10. “My friend broke his leg at the airport.”

11. “Son floating in mid-air while ice skating”

12. “Cat being a cat”

13. “Took this pic yesterday because the sides of the buildings were the exact same color as the sky.”

14. “Floating hand”

15. “Caught my cat at just the right moment.”

Is there a funny situation that you have experienced that you would love to tell the world about? Spread the happiness and tell your story in the comments below!

Preview photo credit traitor_swift / Reddit


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