15 Photos That’ll Make You Raise an Eyebrow and Question Your Vision

year ago

Humans can distinguish between around 1,000,000 colors. Yep, that sounds quite impressive. However, even with sophisticated “equipment” like the eye, there are some instances that are going to make you question your vision or even reality itself.

Bright Side wants to present you with 15 pictures that are so reality-breaking you will definitely want to check them twice.

1. “Tried to do a homemade bowl cut.”

2. “My nail polish chipped into a portrait of a tree.”

3. “Giant foliage turkey”

4. “My mosquito bite that looks like a fish”

5. “This tree looks like it has a face growing in it.”

6. “My egg cooked in the shape of a chicken.”

7. “The sunlight through the blinds looks like an X-ray of his spine.”

8. “This raccoon’s shadow looks like a gargoyle”

9. “First time running into a 2D illusion building.”

10. “I found this walnut shell that looks like a pig snout.”

11. “The optical illusion between my Forester and the reflection of the nicer, newer one”

12. “The ‘face’ this pepper made after I cut into it”

13. “A part of this chestnut tree looked like a face.”

14. “This onion has a smiling face.”

15. “My potato peel looks like a face.”

What was the strangest place where you have noticed an unusual shape or a face? Drop a comment.

Preview photo credit hepdaddio / Reddit


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