15+ Pics That Can Make You Feel Like You’re Traveling to the Past

2 years ago

Trends are always coming and going, but sometimes we’re glad they didn’t stick around. From questionable fashion choices to our go-to children’s toys, it can be nostalgic to see them appear again before our eyes.

So today, Bright Side will be reflecting on trends and products from our childhood. We’ve collected 17 of these photos to take you on a trip down memory lane.

1. “My co-worker in high school”

2. “I found this shirt and can’t get over it. The Haunted Mask was probably my favorite Goosebumps book as a child.”

3. “Boyfriend got me this for my twenty-first birthday. Finished it in 30 minutes but SO worth the nostalgia!”

4. “Thankfully, my eyebrows grew back.”

5. “I found my old Tamagotchi in the loft!”

6. “I was that emo kid at my school, complete with the ’rawr face’ and lip ring.”

7. “Pixel Chix dollhouses were black magic back then.”

8. “2013 and I’d wear this makeup look to high school every day.”

9. Do you remember the Bratz dolls?

10. “Here I was, age 13, as the blue eyeshadow and hardcore blush stage hit me hard.”

11. “My Little Pony dolls”

12. “The epitome of 1988 SoCal fashion in secretary glasses”

13. Do these butterfly clips look familiar?

14. “I still have friends from high school. They have a lot to answer for after letting me do my eyebrows like this.”

15. “Y’all remember the ’90s Furbies?”

16. “My husband in the seventh grade”

17. “Me, age 15: greasy hair, glasses, braces, awkward thumbs up, and my iPod Shuffle!”

Do you remember any of these products, or were you guilty of any of these trends yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit TotallyGnarcissistic / Reddit


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