15+ Pics That Prove Life Is Able to Surprise Us Every Day

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You may think that an everyday routine is boring — we see the same people, walk the same streets, do the same job, and so on and so forth. However, life is full of unusual, surprising, and inspiring things if you are open and ready to pay attention to them. The heroes of our article didn’t just notice, but managed to capture those astonishing things the universe brought into their lives.

1. “My friend’s hands versus mine. I’m 5’2”- he’s 6’8″."

2. “I’m on a trip in London — today a pigeon decided to chill on my shoulder.”

3. “So apparently, Stanford has a giant statue of a Greco-Roman sand worm on campus.”

4. “The way this sunbeam almost perfectly bisects my cat.”

5. “These guys have an old plane propped up in a tree as a treehouse.”

6. “This car with 3 doors on the side.”

7. “Caught a spider walking on water.”

8. “This guy walking around with his dog on his shoulder, like a parrot”

9. “Glasses case for sale at my optometrist’s matches the tablecloth exactly.”

10. “Guess I won’t get the pot of gold.”

11. “The last person that picked up this tool did it 50k years ago and was one of the first European Sapiens.”

12. “Urban Safari: Belgians are just soo funny.”

13. “I met Liam Neeson a few days ago. Life-long dream fulfilled.”

14. “Someone’s towing Mater.”

15. “The baby goat in my brother’s lap got more calm while I took this pic.”

16. “This perfect snowflake that landed on my girlfriend last year”

What was the most surprising thing that has happened to you lately?

Preview photo credit MonsterMontvalo / Reddit


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