15+ Pics That Prove the Universe Has a Little Surprise for Everyone

2 years ago

Whether it’s a family of trash pandas staring at you from a container or a cat that has accidentally got a pair of magnificent deer horns — these are only a few cases when the universe decided to shower people with surprises and made them clasp their hands in amusement.

Here at Bright Side, we’re big fans of things that leave us with our mouths wide open, and today we’ve collected 19 pics from people who were struck with unexpected gifts and wanted to share them with us.

1. “The whole family came home for “trashgiving.”

2. “My anemone latched onto the head of the duck ornament in my sea tank, giving it beautiful long hair.”

3. “Pictures of my friend’s shirt with and without a camera flash”

4. “My buddy is getting his place painted by the Asian Brad Pitt.”

5. “Landlords — please don’t paint over cockroaches.”

6. “This egg I was frying earlier”

7. “The doorbell alerted me of a guest I wasn’t expecting.”

8. “I saw baby grasshoppers in a leaf.”

9. “A seagull perched perfectly on a red light”

10. “My friend’s cat has a number 1 on its forehead.”

11. “My dad’s 18-foot-tall agave flower”

12. “No one believed I could grow a pineapple from one I bought at the grocery store.”

13. “This faucet’s water is running through the drain without touching it.”

14. “A family friend went camping and took this pic after hearing a strange noise outside.”

15. “I took a picture of a bubble and it looked like tiny planets were trapped inside.”

16. “By day he is Bruce, but by night...”

17. “This leaf is uniformly tri-colored.”

18. This is one single tomato plant.

19. “My cat lined up perfectly with the deer skull on my porch!”

What is the latest amusing sight that you were able to catch on camera? What was your reaction to it happening?

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Preview photo credit Westcoast-Mariner / Reddit


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No: 8 has to be a fav for me, l honestly think it should be in some animal photo awards, but truly pretty much all of them gave me a damn good laugh...so thank you!


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