15 Pictures That Will Definitely Put a Smile on Your Face When You Are Feeling Down

year ago

Smiling can be good for our health and, even on its own, can help us reduce stress. And a positive mood on top of that can increase the ability of the human brain to think more creatively. That gives a new meaning to internet surfing for cute and funny content.

That is why Bright Side thinks it’s important to show you this compilation of pictures that will keep your spirits up.

1. “Every night, my husband holds our sphynx cat up to fight his nemesis: the ceiling fan pull.”

2. “I took a picture of this deer and it looks like it’s smiling.”

3. “Bought a sheep hide and my cat loves it.”

4. “This Dalmatian doesn’t much care for Cruella de Vil.”

5. “My dentist has a therapy dog for patients with anxiety (or that just need a little extra love).”

6. “This man statue has a tiny pigeon statue to feed.”

7. “This dog with a perfect heart shape on their bum.”

8. “My friend assembled a tiny tree house for her plants.”

9. “My kiwi looks like a baby bird.”

10. “This orchid looks like a laughing monkey.”

11. “This pineapple I harvested.”

12. “This dog with a hilariously out of proportion head that I saw earlier today.”

13. “This squirrel with a slice of pizza.”

14. “Here’s my echium Pink Fountain. It’s about 2.5m tall and still growing.”

15. An old man walking his tortoise.

What are the things that help you get through a rainy day?

Preview photo credit TheJedibugs / Reddit


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