15 Products You Didn’t Think You Needed Until Now

2 years ago

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There are lots of things we know we need for a better life, they can be big like a car, or small like a new pan. But there are also a lot more things we didn’t even have a clue we needed. The products here are so handy they will make your life a little less insane.

We at Bright Side rounded up all of the brilliant products (which might look a tad weird) that you can find on Joom.com and include on your wish list. There is also a cool bonus for you at the end of the article, don’t miss it!

15. Hair rollers that look like peaches

These pretty rollers can save your hair from damage and make your sleep more sound. But we believe that the biggest plus is that they turn you into an absolute cutie — and it doesn’t really matter if the rollers are still in your hair or if you’ve just taken them out.

14. A body shaper that can make extra pounds vanish

All shapes and sizes are beautiful. But if you need to flatten and smooth out your curves one day, this body shaper can help you.

13. An eyebrow stencil for lazy people who like perfect lines

Let’s go ahead and admit that there are a lot of women who like perfect brows, but whose hands just aren’t made to draw them. They spend hours in front of the mirror trying to draw the curves they want, but just get disappointment instead. Take a look at this cool stencil, it looks like something that’ll make your life a bit easier.

12. A super bowl that allows you to do 3 things at once

Watch a movie, eat snacks, and discard your shells inside. Our only question is: Why don’t we have this bowl yet?

11. Animal socks to make you feel like a wild cat or maybe a bird, depending on your current mood

Just wear the pair of socks you like most and let people know who your spirit animal is today. You can be anyone you want — from a fluffy cat to a stylish chicken.

10. Wrist leash for active children

If you think that a leash for children is something that is inappropriate, you definitely aren’t a parent yet. Otherwise, you’d know that sometimes their speed exceeds the speed of light. And this is why we hear stories like, “I turned my head for one second, and the baby was gone.” This leash is gaining popularity because it does help save parent’s sanity.

9. A secret plastic weapon to help you kiss wrinkles goodbye

They say that this item helps you get rid of wrinkles on your face. You may want to do some exercises though, because putting it into your mouth without any additional effort doesn’t sound like the way to success.

8. An umbrella that you don’t have to hold in your hands

Having an umbrella on your head sounds like a dream for most modern people. When you always have a phone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, it’s kind of strange that you wouldn’t try to make your head useful when it’s rainy.

7. Pants that’ll make you feel free

These pants look like a real savior for women who are feeling a little bit bloated and who don’t want to put on their skinny jeans.

6. A hair dryer for those who aren’t ready to sacrifice their nighttime comfort for curls

If your arms get tired easily from drying your hair with an ordinary hairdryer, this could be a nice solution. The bonnet hair dryer is also ideal for making waves and curls. You won’t even need to sleep the whole night with rollers! And since your hands are empty while you are in the process, you can read a book or spend this time more productively.

5. A dispenser that will help you never waste toothpaste again

It saves space. And you’ll never have to squeeze another tube with all your might to get the last bit of the toothpaste out. Is that enough to make this dispenser desirable?

4. Rainproof film for your side mirrors

There is a special protective film for everyone who is tired of seeing rain drops on their side mirrors and not being able to see anything else.

3. A needle you don’t need to spend your whole life trying to thread

Threading a needle doesn’t have to be stressful or hard, because, you know, we have other things to worry about. Anyway, we often get caught up cutting, licking, and otherwise coaxing the thread into that tiny hole, and we don’t always end up being able to do it. You can prevent all this struggle with the needle and save your time for more pleasant things with these special needles.

2. A plug that will never even give you a chance to clog the sink

If you’re tired of cleaning your clogged water pipes, it’s high time to think of getting something useful that will stop this once and for all. Take a look at this plug, because it looks like something that could be helpful.

1. Push up leggings for those who haven’t made it to the gym, but summer is just around the corner

You can use these leggings to hide your imperfections or to get motivated by seeing your ideal self.

Bonus: There’s a gift for you!

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What are you going to buy from the list?

= This article is sponsored by Joom.com =

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