10+ Real Coincidences That Look So Insane You’d Think They Were Staged

10 months ago

Coincidences can either spoil a photo or make it into a masterpiece. In any case, these photos will never be forgotten. Is there a person who wouldn’t want their photo to be spoiled by Bryan Cranston or a sloth that accidentally appeared in the frame?

A “Good-bye Cracks” cover has a cracked cap.

A Pepsi bottle that left a frozen spiral after it exploded

“Would you mind keeping your hands away from me, please?”

DV123 / pikabu

“This happy fish photobombed me.”

Why do people keep spoiling our photos? Woah, wait...

Photos from 2 different brands line up perfectly.

A proud and very self-confident deer

Perfect match

toopizm / pikabu

Why take a photo of that building when the bird is clearly there for you?

“Who is the star here? I am the star!”

“I’m puppy sitting this weekend and she is the most beautiful golden. Don’t mind my dog in the background...”

“I am Groot!”

Ugin242 / pikabu

The cutest photobomb ever

Does your photo album have any similar photos? We would love to see them in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


Those dogs represent two types of people during the winter:
1. happy, amused and loving snow
2. "gimme my plaid, please"
there is a crack on the cap, so the customers can try the product right away :D
I wish a squirrel came to me the same way as on the last one :3

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