15+ Real-Life Scams That Will Make Us Open Our Eyes More

6 months ago

At some point in our lives, we’ve all dealt with unexpected expenses or deceitful tricks that made us feel unhappy or treated unfairly. As time passed, we might have come to accept these as normal occurrences, thinking we can’t change them. We just accept it and think, “That’s how it is.” But there’s a deeper layer to this. Behind these everyday issues, there’s a world of clever lies and bigger scams that we need to be aware of.

1. We buy cheap devices that only use parts made by the same manufacturer, so we end up paying more.

2. We fall for marketing tricks every time and buy useless things in supermarkets.

3. We wait for sales to pay less.

4. We pay too much for airport food.

6. We buy frozen food, hoping our lives will become easier.

7. We accept someone else’s conditions.

8. We’re used to the fact that our interests are tracked.

9. We spend money on celebrations nobody needs.

10. We believe that car manufacturers will give us a full warranty.

11. We’re almost at peace with stereotypes about the perfect body shape.

12. We pay less money for original and branded clothes and get scammed at the end.

13. We hope that people online are gurus that will teach us how to live.

14. We can’t walk standing up straight in water.

15. We believe that if we choose a job we like, we will always enjoy it.

16. In order to feel trendy, we make clothing manufacturers rich.

17. We believe the “bio” stickers and buy things that are 2 times more expensive.

18. We try to impress others rather than enjoy our lives.

19. We judge fruits and vegetables by their look.

20. We buy detox drinks to cleanse our bodies and help us lose weight, which is not beneficial.

Exposing real-life scams can help us see the world more clearly and be smarter about what’s going on around us and make us realize we need to be more careful. Some things aren’t the way they look.

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Why is #14 even on this list? Is that just a funny non- sequitor? Also, it is inaccurately represented.


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