15 Reminders That Someone Out There Will Always Care for You

2 years ago

There are few feelings that can compare to the sudden realization that you are loved, important, not alone in this cold world, and that someone cares. This feeling can be brought by your loved ones with whom you’ve spent some significant time, or your pets who adore you, or even complete strangers being kind and wanting to help when you’re in need.

Bright Side collected photos of people (and sometimes animals) being selfless and loving with each other. Read to the end of the article to find a pic of when not everyone agrees with a kind gesture.

1. “I’m going through a tremendously rough time, so naturally, my roommate bought a mane for the cat to cheer me up.”

2. “Joked with my fifth-graders that Friday was ’bring your teacher their favorite coffee day,’ and I guess they decided to make it real!”

3. “My girlfriend got me birthday cookies made to look like my cat.”

4. “Got to marry my best friend last week and I’m wheelie pumped about it!”

5. “Our cat has been glued to my boyfriend since we returned home from a week-long trip.”

6. “My brother just published a children’s book so his daughter, who was born with a limb difference, could see someone like her as the hero of a story.”

7. “I drew a chalk-o-saurus and someone made me a balloon animal to go with it.”

8. “Saw these bros get out of their cars to help someone get to the gas station.”

9. “I found a kitten outside my new house a couple of days ago and swore I wasn’t keeping him. He’s decided otherwise.”

10. “I always asked for a skateboard as a kid. My parents said not until I’m 35. Today they delivered.”

11. “This is my sister and me, asleep on a car ride home.”

12. “My husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage today.”

13. “This guy used to be a rough-looking, sad-faced stray. But look at that little face now!”

14. “Get you a BFF who drops custom your-favorite-band-themed cookies on your porch for no reason.”

15. “She loves reading like this.”

Bonus: “I saved this little squirrel, but my cat wasn’t very pleased...”

What surprises do your loved ones ever give you?

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