15 Stories of True Harmony Between People and Their Pets

3 years ago

Owning a pet is not just about routine (walks, feeding, buying new toys). What matters the most is love and understanding. This can take on various forms: letting your dog or cat sleep in your bed, restraining from scolding your pet for rolling around in the mud, making little houses, and even knitting comfy chairs for your whiskered wonders. The reward — that look full of love that your furry friend gives you every now & then, and displays of sheer tail-wagging joy when you return from work or a business trip!

We at Bright Side are in awe of people who live in perfect harmony with their pets. Today, we offer you a selection of stories and pictures that won’t fail to amaze you!

When you live on the 3rd floor:

"Our cat is very fond of sinks, so we bought one especially for her. This is how she reacted!’

“My husband came back from a 3-week long business trip. Evidently, our dog missed him a lot!”

To love one’s pet is to allow this darling almost anything — this even means letting them roll around in the mud...

Pippa likes ’reading’ letters so much that the mailman plays along. When there’s no fresh mail for us, he brings ’missives’ just to please our dog!

“What a wonderful massage... Don’t stop, human!”

A daytime nap is twice as sweet when you’re sleeping in your owner’s room, on his bed, under his blanket.

“My grandmother threw a party for her dog’s 10th birthday!”

Sometimes all your dog needs for happiness is an enormous teddy bear!

“My mother-in-law has made this lovely sofa & coverlet for her cat’s personal use!”

Just a couple of weeks back, she was a stray. The way she looks at her new owner is truly priceless!

Our dog hates baths! At least we know how to instantly make him 10% less miserable...

Walking our cat so that she can enjoy the flowers!

“Our dad built this small outdoor house with a window for the family tortoise.”

“This little stray fella grew visually kinder just days after we took him home.”

Do you have a special bond with your pet? Got any funny/heartwarming photos to prove it? We’d love to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit maflya / Reddit


When from everyone in the family my cat decides to sleep on my lap, I feel that we have the strongest bond :)

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