15 Striking Differences Between Grandmothers and Parents That We’ve All Noticed

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4 years ago

Parents know everything about us, but grandmothers always know a little bit more. You ask your mother, “What’s my favorite dish?” and she tells you right away. When you ask your grandmother this question, she has already cooked it. And we bet that you can come up with another dozen cute things about your grandmothers. Maybe, some of them are already reflected in our pictures?

We at Bright Side reminisced about the brightest differences between our mothers and fathers and our grandmothers and turned them into comics.

The difference is obvious even before the baby is born. This is what the everyday life of a pregnant woman like through the eyes of...

After the baby is born, you can spot differences even in the smallest things, like changing diapers.

It’s not all that simple with the food. Everyone has their own way of feeding a moody child.

Have you experienced this — when you want to play with a cat and it doesn’t want to play? All adults deal with the scratches in their own ways.

Parents and grandmothers have different opinions about gifts. And children love this!

Everyone has a unique way of quickly treating a child when they are ill.

A perfect walk is also different for everyone.

When it comes to hairstyles, it’s easy to see who did it.

Getting a child dressed for school is a serious task. Who does it best?

The process of choosing toys is also different for parents and for grandmothers.

Everyone spends the evening after a long day with children in a different way.

They get disappointed for different reasons.

But whatever we do, our grandmothers will always protect us.

And they always think about how to keep us warm, even during dinner at a cafe.

And when it’s time to move out from your parents, your grandmother is the first person to support this serious decision.

Are the situations from these comics familiar to you? Maybe you remember some other things? Share what you think in the comment section below!

Illustrated by Anna Syrovatkina for Bright Side


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