15+ Things That Can Make You Want to Drop Everything and Go to Japan

4 years ago

Japan feels like a country that has a little something for everyone, whether it’s sushi and Sailor Moon, neon skyscrapers and imperial palaces, or the people who make up the country. After all, a nation made up of 6,852 islands has a lot to offer.

We at Bright Side love looking at what the world has to offer, so we’re looking at the things that help make Japan so special.

1. Corgi butt buns have never looked so tempting.

2. Just by planting different types of rice, the Japanese made their own Roman Holiday.

3. The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel is the cutie you never knew you needed.

4. “Japanese fans were cleaning up their own mess after the World Cup. Respect.”

5. On the bus, people will leave seats empty just because they’re reserved for the elderly.

6. Even bathroom signs are very traditional.

7. Ōkunoshima has a huge population of feral, but friendly, rabbits.

8. There’s also an island with friendly deer.

9. Do you think this cat-themed coffee comes with extra milk?

10. School lunch has never looked so good to eat.

11. And this is what they consider hospital food.

12. That said, your cat might need a special permit to ride a bike.

13. Even your earplugs can make a statement.

14. Japan is a country that mixes the modern with the traditional ...practically side-by-side.

15. “Japanese school kids cheer up a baby on the train.”

16. You can often find people helping to keep the streets clean.

17. Step up your Pringles game with their Beef Bowl flavor.

18. The Japanese really like experimenting with their candy.

Have you ever been to Japan? What do you think makes Japan special? Please share your experience with us in the comments!


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I've always found truly interesting the way Japanese people are really careful with what they eat and its presentation.


What a cool article! Now I'm curious to get to know this country's culture even more!


There are way more pringles tastes in Japan! I saw "egg benedict" taste sold online ?

Comment with image on Bright Side

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