15 Times People Discovered Something Truly Strange

3 years ago

When it comes to strange phenomena and weird coincidences, life can sometimes tell us more than a science book. It can confuse you about the size of certain objects or teach you the laws of physics when you least expect it.

People are sharing the strangest things they’ve discovered randomly. Bright Side has picked 15 of them for our readers.

1. A lemon from my garden

2. “The pattern the ice left on my grill”

3. “The lighting from my keyboard formed a little heart on my glass.”

4. “Toddler’s footprints in the snow were the last thing to melt.”

5. “Both of my lights burnt out — one turned white while the other turned black.”

6. “Cleaned my copper sink with vinegar and sea salt. A few hours later these salt crystals grew on the rag I used to dry it.”

7. A tiny Greek silver coin which is 2500 years old.

8. “A live power line fell and it was so hot that it melted through the sidewalk and turned the sand underneath to glass.”

9. Found these tiny frogs hiding in a steel bar end cap in Florida.

10. “There is a house near me that looks like it’s out of a fairytale.”

11. “Found this McDonald’s cup in the ice I was skating on.”

12. Found this extra-large mini penne.

13. “A street lamp fell over into the snow outside my apartment. Turns out they’re massive — my hand for scale.”

14. “This rock I found has a shell inside it and it’s been worn down to a flat spiral.”

15. “The shadow on the stairs looks like another set of stairs.”

Have you ever seen something so strange that you had to do a double-check to make sure you were seeing right? What was it?

Preview photo credit kutie_the_cutie / Reddit


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