15 Times Someone Got First Row Tickets to Life’s Amazing Show

2 years ago

Life is a wild journey, and the story of Joan R. Ginther just solidifies that — the lady wonlottery not once, but an unimaginable 4 times. Just to put it in perspective, the chance of you winning the lottery is 1 in 200 million. We know that’s an extreme case, and you probably don’t have this amount of luck. But we also know that the universe works in mysterious ways, and you can expect some serious curveballs in your ordinary day-to-day life too.

Bright Side wants to remind you with 15 pictures that it’s when you think you’ve seen or experienced everything that life decides to give you a show you’ll never forget.

1. “Some split clouds from earlier today”

2. “Lizard eggs (I hope) nestled in an outlet box”

3. “Instead of a broken wheel on my shopping cart, I have a shopping cart for my broken wheel.”

4. “This extremely narrow building”

5. “This cow, dabbing in the wild”

6. “Clovers growing in my cactus”

7. “I found a starfish in my mussels.”

8. “This lump of mud and grass that looks like a porcupine”

9. “This sphere object I found in an aquarium on the display area kind of has a seal face.”

10. “My donkey’s tooth came in at the center of his mouth. I call it cyclops tooth!”

11. “Mom boiled the purple potatoes with the corn. Now we have pink corn.”

12. “This stack of papers kind of looks like Master Shake.”

13. “Saw some water droplets with the oil slick rainbow effect, and each droplet has its own color.”

14. “Found a double banana.”

15. “My cat, Bo, has her name on her back.”

What was the last time you noticed something truly unexpected in your life? Drop a comment.

Preview photo credit SlimChiply / Reddit


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