15 Uncalled-for Comments That Every Parent Has Heard Many Times

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2 years ago

Parents often receive advice they didn’t ask for, like how they should raise their kids, feed them, and so on. Sometimes, this piece of advice is given by a stranger who has no idea that their “valuable” recommendations only cause irritation. Sometimes, advice-givers really try to help and care for you. But most of the time, people give advice to raise their own self-esteem, while parents perceive this as someone else having no confidence in their parental skills.

At Bright Side, we are sure that every parent has come across one of these novice advice-givers at least once in their lifetime.

A child should learn how to be independent from the crib.

A child shouldn’t join any clubs.

Toddlers should be dressed warmer.

You shouldn’t breastfeed for long.

You should teach your toddler to be quiet.

You should iron your kid’s clothes.

A child should start moving independently as soon as possible.

A baby sling isn’t safe.

A child should be potty trained as early as possible.

Children can eat anything.

Breast is best.

A toddler shouldn’t be dressed too warmly in hot weather.

A child should be carried in a stroller, not in one of those trendy devices.

A child should know the rules of conduct from the crib.

You should pick up your child every time they cry.

What other irritating pieces of advice have you received? Tell us in the comments below.


Stranger: Your doing it wrong!
You: Oh, well I don't see your child being all happy
You: I'll cut to that chase, DON'T TELL ME HOW TO DO MY JOB!

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