15 Unique Grocery Stores You’d Likely Love to Shop in at Least Once

3 years ago

Grocery shopping is something that we’re used to doing, but more for necessity rather than luxury. So some grocery stores took it upon themselves to provide more than just the basic goods and leveled up their customers’ store experience.

Bright Side found 15 remarkable grocery stores where you can hang out, take over as cashier, and even stay in! Your grocery shopping experience won’t be the same again after you visit these iconic stores.

1. “Self-scanning my way around Waitrose with the Quick Check handset almost makes shopping fun.”

Oh, and did we mention that the Duchess of Cambridge is also a Waitrose customer?

2. “My local supermarket planted a garden on their roof and is distributing the goods directly in store!”

3. Rimping Supermarket reduced their plastic waste by using banana leaves as wrapping for their produce.

4. Eataly has a vegetable butcher who cleans, peels, and chops your veggies for you.

5. Cool off with your family and friends at the local grocery store’s very own ice skating rink!

Whole Foods in Austin, Texas hosts yoga sessions on their property and they also have their own spa above the store called ReFresh!

6. German grocery stores have implemented the Pfand program where you earn a certain amount of money for every bottle you recycle.

7. The horseshoe-shaped Markthal is an apartment building that is built over a food market.

8. At Amazon Go, you can just walk out of the store after grabbing everything you need.

9. The opulent Eliseevsky is the dream grocery store for people who love the maximalist style.

10. Metropolitan Market has in-store concierges called Red Coats who help shoppers with their meal planning.

11. Organic Garage sells organic products at a cheaper price and provides self-service stations like their reverse osmosis water station.

12. Basics Market helps their customers learn how to cook what they buy through their own culinary classroom.

13. At Spinneys, you can watch TV, sip coffee, and read while your groceries are being prepared.

14. Customers of the zero-waste store, Unboxed Market, can dispense groceries directly into their own containers and bags.

15. Japanese convenience stores let you buy airfare, ship your package, and buy tickets to events and tourist attractions.

Does your local grocery store also have something cool to offer? We definitely want to hear about it!


Let me tell you... I thought those spaghetti was candy and I was like "man I haven't eaten those for ages, where is this shop"ahhahha
The lady who assists you with the daily recipe.... TAKE MY MONEY!!! I am constantly a "what-to-cook-today" type of person :p
Waitrose is way to expensive. Their stuff is made in the same factories that produce food for aldi, lidl, asda, sainsburys etc etc. They just put a much higher price on it

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