15 Women Who Dared to Get a Short Haircut and Amazed Everyone With Their New Look

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Sometimes when we look in the mirror, we start thinking about whether we should try a short haircut or not. Short hair may emphasize the beauty of our face structure or totally change our style. And even though cutting your hair can be risky, the results may exceed all your expectations.

“From short to shorter”

“I followed my friends’ advice, and here’s the result.”

“Here’s my transformation! I’m happy with my new haircut.”

“I cut 13 inches off and went blonde.”

“I went through with the pixie and I kind of love it!”

“I finally decided to chop off my waist-length hair and dye it red.”

“It’s different, but I love it.”

“I cut it, and I feel so confident.”

“I got a fun shag cut! It’s so versatile and cooperative.”

“I spent 4 years growing out a pixie. After some character development, I decided it was time to get it back.”

“It’s my first time cutting my own hair, and appropriately, it came out with the 1920s vibe. I’m pretty happy with my new look.”

“Here’s my new haircut.”

“I was recommended to get a pixie cut. I went for it and I’m super happy with it.”

“I was really tired of untangling my hair and donated 15 inches of it to charity.”

“I was scared to go short but I’m so happy I did.”

Did you ever get a short haircut that you loved? We’d be happy to see your photos.

Preview photo credit itsbigoleme / Reddit


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